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    IPC-T2431T-AS Quality?

    Hi, I recently bought a IPC-T2431T-AS to replace a WyzeCam3, and am noticing that the night and daytime quality on the IPC is not on part with the WC3. The Wyze cam has better colours, and all around better night time performance. Colours are more realistic, night shot is crips and "even" all...
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    Auto Export BVR to MP4 in place, after midnight, on specific cameras - possible?

    Is it possible to Export (BVR file to MP4) file on specific cameras, after midnight? I have a few cameras that are set to record one file (join clips for 24hrs) every day. The next day I usually right click on the file icon in BI interface, select EXPORT and choose overwrite file (BVR). I would...
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    Audio and video out of sync on Amcrest IP2M-841

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is seeing this issue. I have BI 5 running with several cameras non Amcrest, but the IP2M-841 Amcrest audio is out of sync with the video. Ironically, this is my only camera that is wired. In the settings I have it recording direct to disk MP4, 24FPS. I don't get...
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    Comparison between Wyze C2, TP Link CP100, EZVIZ C1C

    Hi, as I've been looking to switch off Wyze cams due to their garbage RTSP implementation, I've recently found the EZVIZ C1C and TP-Link CP100 to be (at least price wise) contenders for the Wyze Cam2. Note that I have ordered the WC3, but since there is no fw with RTSP support (which Wyze said...
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    XTU 2k video doorbell

    I picked this up for $87 hoping it would be perfect. However I'm seeing that max fps is 15, and also when scanning with onvif device manager there is a second user with admin rights that I cannot find anywhere in the app. I wonder if this is a backdoor of some sort. Is anyone using one of...