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  1. The North Face

    Disable/enable "Disarming" by API?

    Has anyone managed to control "Disarming" as available in newer Dahua firmware by the API?
  2. The North Face

    Dahua FW now has one-click disarming?

    Found this panel under Event > Disarming when I updated my firmware to DH_IPC-HX5XXX-Volt_MultiLang_NP_Stream3_V2.800.0000000.19.R.200709. I've been trying to google what "Disarming" means and the closest I've got is that it would be one-click disarming of selected alarm functions...
  3. The North Face

    Connect external siren to camera, PSU needed?

    I’m considering connecting an external siren like picture attached to the Alarm Out cabling of my T5421H-AS-PV. The spec sheet says Alarm Out is rated 300 mA 12VDC. Does that mean I can connect the siren straight to those Alarm Out cables or do I need a separate PSU? I can’t find any proper...
  4. The North Face

    IVS notification support in Synology Surveillance Station!

    Good news for those of us using Surveillance Station, it finally supports IVS notifications: Release Notes for Surveillance Station | Synology Inc.
  5. The North Face

    IVS calibration - vertical?

    I’m reading the IVS calibration guide over at IVS/Global Setup - Dahua Wiki and there’s one thing I don’t understand in the instructions. After calibrating the vertical reference lines, you’re supposed to calibrate the horizontal one (with “weight verification”, as it happens). In the guide...
  6. The North Face

    What lens to use for intended area?

    About a year ago I started reading here when getting my first real outdoor IP camera and eventually settled on a HDW-1230S (because I’m a cheapskate) ordered through Andy. Overall satisfied with the camera though I would wish that IVS events would be announced over ONVIF. My use case is that...