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  1. TheWaterbug

    Internet Explorer finally going away

    It's not just "unsupported" now; it'll actually stop launching: Who still has ancient cameras that can only be controlled/configured in IE? Will they still work in Edge's "IE Mode"?
  2. TheWaterbug

    Corn Patch Prep, Time Lapse, 2022

    Manure, urea, and gypsum tilled in, and then watered for 2 hours to trick the weeds into germinating. In 10 days I'll murder the weeds and plant the corn. I dumped the whole 2 hour clip from BI, sped it up 100x in ffmpeg, and then edited and added the soundtrack in DaVince Resolve.
  3. TheWaterbug

    The Barf of Love (tm)

    Finch Dad feeds his Brooding Wife at Painted Peacock Manor. Chicks should start hatching out any day now:
  4. TheWaterbug

    Sign that reads, "No Loitering, and we'll throw away all your crap?"

    The good news is that I've moved my business into a newer building. The bad news is that there are a few folks living in the parking lot behind the building. I've notified the landlord, but I also want to embark on some deterrence. This guy likes to lean his bicycle against my building and plug...
  5. TheWaterbug

    Force 3 x 3 layout with 8 cameras?

    Is there a way to force a 3 x 3 layout of my cameras, even though I have only 8 cameras currently? Based on the way the cameras correspond to their physical locations, rows of 3, 3, and 2 cameras make a lot more sense than 2 rows of 4 cameras.
  6. TheWaterbug

    BI Doesn't Trigger On This Motion?

    I'm just setting up a new site, so most things are set to defaults, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how BI did NOT trigger on this motion. When I review the New clip in UI3, I get lots of yellow rectangles, but no orange rectangles: Default settings for motion detection and zones...
  7. TheWaterbug

    ~6 weeks in the life of a banana flower

    This is a Wyze Cam v3 with the perpetually-beta-and-possibility-discontinued RTSP firmware, captured every hour via ffmpeg on my always-on Mac mini, and then compiled into a time lapse with ffmpeg, with the sliding transition done afterward in DaVinci Resolve, because I had the initial angle...
  8. TheWaterbug

    MaxDigitalData drives any good?

    I was searching for some 4 TB drives for video storage, and this brand that I've not heard of, MaxDigitalData, popped up. For a new 4 TB, 7200 RPM, 64 MB cache, 3.5" HDD, they are the least expensive, and carry a 2-yr warranty. But I've never heard to them until today. The Google says variously...
  9. TheWaterbug

    Camera + Cellular + Solar for occasional updates?

    As an amateur beekeeper I'm regularly called on to remove hanging swarms of feral bees from people's trees, mailboxes, gate posts, etc. My typical method is to scrape 90% of the bees into a standard bee box, hope I get the queen in there, and then leave the box on the ground near the original...
  10. TheWaterbug

    Honeycomb-Building Time Lapse

    Here's the latest version of my Comb-Building Time Lapse. More details in the YouTube description:
  11. TheWaterbug

    Safe to update to 21H2?

    I'm running . on Win10 Pro, and now my computer wants to update itself of 21H2. Is this safe? Anyone else running BI on 21H2? Thanks!
  12. TheWaterbug

    There She Goes (The Queen Bee)

    Just a short clip of Her Majesty walking across the frame. This is inside my Comb-Building Time Lapse rig, and I'll post the time lapse video in another few weeks when they've built out all the frames.
  13. TheWaterbug

    20 Seconds for OEM IPC-HFW4431R-Z to adjust for light?

    I finally have my bee hive comb-building time-lapse setup running. The first couple days' footage was uninspiring, and then I remembered that I never actually focused the camera after I moved the rig from my house to the bee shed. :facepalm:. The camera is now properly focused. But then I also...
  14. TheWaterbug

    Banana Plant Time Lapse!!

    After 7.5 years of waiting, my banana plant is finally flowering! I want to do a time-lapse capture of the flowering and fruiting process. Due to its location, the easiest way for me to get a camera out there is to use a little WyzeCam v3 with the RTSP firmware and the Wyze lamp socket...
  15. TheWaterbug

    Counting moving objects in a video clip?

    Are there any freely-available tools to count how many moving objects are in a video clip? That's a 5-second sample, and I can make a clip of any length, but in this particular case I'm not concerned with them entering or leaving the box; I just want an approximate count of how many are in...
  16. TheWaterbug

    Swarm Trap Cameras!!

    The scouts are scouting! This could be a prelude to a move-in in the next day or two, or they could change their minds and go somewhere else: The live stream is intermittent, and I'm not sure how to fix it. If anyone out there knows the YouTube API well enough to help, I'll buy you lots of...
  17. TheWaterbug

    Amcrest ASH22-W for sale/trade

    * SOLD!!!* Amcrest was doing a giveaway for people who submitted Amcrest captures, and I won one of these: It's not really my style of camera, because it requires the Amcrest Smart Home app just to get it...
  18. TheWaterbug

    Chrome WAN Remote Access times out, but only from within LAN

    I used the BI remote access wizard and the DynDNS client and port-forwarding and firewall access rules within my pfsense firewall to set up remote access by FQDN a few weeks ago, and it worked great! I spent $12 for the iOS app, and it worked fine as well. From inside my network...
  19. TheWaterbug

    Quest for the Ultimate Senior Video Doorbell?

    My Dad is 87 with some mild-but-increasing dementia and paranoia, so I need to put together a security system for their house, both for their peace of mind and for mine. A big part of this will be a video doorbell, but I'm having a hard time finding one that checks all my boxes: Must haves...
  20. TheWaterbug

    Can BI embed binary timecode into Direct-To-Disk recordings w/o real-time transcoding?

    I'm not referring to graphical timestamps burned into the video; I'm talking about binary timecode that embedded in the datastream that tells a computer exactly when each frame occurred. I know that MP4 doesn't natively specify a way to embed timecode, but do any of the other BI export formats...
  21. TheWaterbug

    2-Up, Synced playback in UI3?

    I can get this view, with 2 cameras playing back, with a timeline and alerts, from my direct-to-disk, 24/7 continuous recording, via an RDP session to my BI box: Is there any way to get the same view in UI3 from a browser? I want export/download clips from these two adjacent cameras, from...
  22. TheWaterbug

    Fake Rock Thread!

    I was going to post this in another thread, but IMNSHO this deserves its own thread. I need a fake rock for hiding a POE-powered-POE switch and perhaps a bunch of other adapters, cables, etc. out by my mailbox, and I am stunned at the price of these. The cheapest at Home Depot is $46, and that...
  23. TheWaterbug

    Amcrest PTZ (IP8M-VT2779EW) for $110 on amazon right now

    Is this any good? I searched the forum for IP8M-VT2779EW and go zero results, so no one has written anything about it yet. But it's POE, RTSP, and ONVIF, and it's about half the price of anything...
  24. TheWaterbug

    Floodlight useful on ADC2W?

    I'm going to put a camera on my back gate (again) looking outward. It'll go here, where I had my previous camera, and where I have a run of Ethernet: You can see the view from the previously-installed camera (Amcrest IP5M T1179EW 28MM), here: I'm considering using a $70 ADC2W for this, so...
  25. TheWaterbug

    MP4 from BlueIris won't play on an Apple Silicon M1-based Mini

    I'm exporting security camera MP4s from Blue Iris, such as this this 3 MB sample, and I'm having trouble playing them back (and therefore editing them in DaVinci Resolve) on my M1 Mini/12.0.1. They all work fine on my ancient mid-2014 Intel MBP/10.14.6. I can open them in Quicklook, QuickTime...
  26. TheWaterbug

    POE Trigger/Switch for Mailbox Cameras on BI?

    TL;DR: How to trigger 3 cameras in BI when my mailbox is opened? Long version: After a spate of neighborhood break-ins, it's finally time for me to install cameras out on the street. I have a BI installation running 12 cameras on renewed Core i7-6700-based PC. I live at the end of Tee...
  27. TheWaterbug

    Play back Alerts for Group and export/download all with same start/stop times?

    As I'm sure y'all know by now, 99% of the reason I have BI and a bunch of cameras is to catch wildlife action on my backyard trail, like this: Those are two separate cameras, from which I download footage, and then I assemble the 2-up video using DaVinci Resolve, which is amazingly good...
  28. TheWaterbug

    All my Alert clips are gone.

    BI on Win10/64. 11 cameras, of which 9 are recording Continuously to a USB-connected box of 4 disks in an 8 TB Storage Space, which is currently 49% full of video (about a week's worth). Substreams and Direct-to-Disk are enabled on all cameras, and CPU is running <<<<20% on my...
  29. TheWaterbug

    How to download non-Alert video?

    I'm still learning BI,, so apologies if this is newbie question. I have my cameras set up for Continuous recording, and I have what I think are fairly sensitive Trigger setups: But BI didn't detect this coyote, right in the middle of my frame. He traveled from the upper left...
  30. TheWaterbug

    Refurb tower with space for a 4-bay drive cage?

    I'm finally considering building myself a dedicated BI machine. I hate hate hate opening up PCs and messing with internal cabling, so I would love love love to buy a tower with enough room in the front for a 4-drive cage similar to this $65 gizmo: This occupies three full-sized (5.25") bays...