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    LPC - CBR vs VBR?

    More zoom would be extremely helpful.
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    HDW5231R-Z IVS send email with Snapshot

    There is no way to prevent 2 emails sending for each rule. Just setup a rule in your email to auto delete the one without an attachment. I do not believe there is a way to limit the number of emails. You could try adjusting the "Record Delay" setting under Event -> IVS
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    New Smart PSS V2.003.0000000.0.R.190802

    Upgraded. As an FYI, I had to provide the username and password for each of the cameras in Configuration -> Devices. Otherwise all good and 64bit
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    If you are ordering an 8 channel NVR, then you wont get the 9th camera to work. NVR channels >= number of cameras
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    Long Distance POE

    Here is the review on the Loryta-LR1002 by @bigredfish
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    Plate Recognizer for ALPR

    My guess is either: 1. Not enough zoom 2. detection area too small 3. combination of 1 & 2
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    Dahua Starlight Fixed Lens Turret (IPC-HDW4231EM-AS)

    The 2231 might be the replacement you are looking for.
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    Dahua Camera auction in Florida for those interested

    Watch the quantity you are buying. The bid price is 1, but then multiplied by the quantity. It may be worth it if I get some items to fly down and pick them up!!!
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    New version of Smart PSS

    I pulled up yesterday's feed from my cameras and I'm seeing the entire day. It doesn't show the full recording, but rather only the events.
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    New version of Smart PSS

    Per the file (also, it now has FLIR in the filename, so might be support for newer cameras as well): Project Name SmartPSS Version V2.002.0000008 Base Platform V2.002.0000007 Operation Platform Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10(32/64 bit) New Function...
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    Repurpose NVR case fan to CPU fan - easy!

    You may have gained CPU cooling, but you probably have hurt the PoE cooling (if you have a PoE NVR). You may also have inadvertently raised the temperature of nearby components as the heatsink discharge air is being blown across the motherboard components. I'm not saying it is a bad idea, but...
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    [Serious] Willing to pay $10USD to the first person who can help/guide me to update my cameras?

    Step 1: Download Internet Explorer 11 or PaleMoon32 Step 2: Connect your computer to the NVR WAN port Step 3: Access NVR from your home computer on whatever IP address your router assigned Step 4: Connect your camera to the NVR Step 5: Go to the camera registration page. It will list the camera...
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    Safe to run Cat6 Ethernet through same hole as AC Power?

    Similar to a special forces saying: two is one, and one is none.
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    Lightning strike issue

    They will handle a 5,000A pulse with a 8/20uS wave form. It will provide some protection, but a direct or nearby strike will probably smoke right through it (20kA would be better). There is a lot of engineering behind lighting protection and a lot to understand on the specific standards. Here...
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    Safe to run Cat6 Ethernet through same hole as AC Power?

    Nope, it would just act as a magnifying affect. It would need to be grounded to the same potential as the building system to be shielded.
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    Looking to revamp current security system...need some suggestions please

    Welcome!! You inherited a "not so good" system. Refer to the Cliff Notes in the Wiki above. What kind of budget do you have? A Dahua 2231 (assuming you don't want audio recording) will probably be your best bet for low cost, but awesome camera. It's a turret vs. a dome, so it may look a bit...
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    LaView Camera on EZVIZ NVR

    Couple things to start with: 1. can you power it separately from the NVR and access it? eg. plug it into a poe switch/injector and access the camera directly 2. If you can do 1, are both devices ONVIF compliant? First see if the camera is even working, then go on from there.
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    Lightning strike issue

    Ultimately, in a direct/near strike, something will be sacrificed. It's just a mater of what :)
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    Review: Dahua HFW5442T-ASE 4MP Starlight+

    Great review!!!
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    Best place to buy cable

    I usethis. Solid copper, 23 gauge
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    Dahuaddns.com is closed, looking for an alternative

    I've used AfraidDNS for free for years and my router runs a script to keep it updated.
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    Lightning strike issue

    You can get LAN lighting protectors, but you need them on both ends of longer runs (150' or so). You will need to watch out as some of them only have protection on 6 wires vs. all 8 and be sure that you get a POE compatible device. The only real way to protect the NVR is to optically isolate the...
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    OpenALPR Advice?

    If you are using sqlite3, check out the .import command :)
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    Kinda lost...could use some help choosing the right camera

    Is the purpose of camera #1 to record people entering the road at night?
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    Login failed - when trying to auth over internet

    Stop!!! Don't port forward anything. Close the port and setup a VPN server (such as OpenVPN) or your next posts will be "My NVR was hacked"!!!!!
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    Lightning strike issue

    Don't have multiple grounding points. Everything must be bonded together (permanently). Only have 1!!!! A #10 or #12 is not sufficiently sized to help in a lightning strike to dissipate the energy. Multiple grounds means you more than likely have a difference of potential and when that...
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    Dahua NVR - Wireless Mouse

    Has anyone been able to get a wireless mouse to work with a Dahua NVR?
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    Big update!! NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.000.0000000.0.R.20190713

    I like the new UI. A bit of a learning curve to find where things are, but not that big of a deal!!
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    Email Bug fixed Firmware for DH_IPC-HX2X3X-Rhea_MultiLang_PN_Stream2_V2.800.0000008.0.R.190619.zip

    Just saw this. 2231 UG with no issues via web interface. SmartPSS still is hit or miss.
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    Lightning strike issue

    Circuit breakers do not protect from surges. SMH