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    confused about the number of ai capability

    Hello forum, I have an NVR 4216-i here. I have 8 cameras on the NVR and now I wanted to use some of the AI features of the NVR. I use IVS from the recorder on one channel and FD on another channel. (only 2 "AI" Features from NVR!) If I want to enter another IVS rule, the recorder writes...
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    AI Face Detection / Recognation NVR4216-i

    Hi, i have a problem with my new NVR4216-i. I bought it to use fast face recognition, the face recognition of the cameras in my opinion is much worse and slower than that of the NVR. I seem to have set everything right. AI by NVR, NVR is armed, the faces are also recognized very very quickly and...
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    local Interface remote View?

    Hello, I saw in a youtube video that someone viewed the local interface remotely. Does anyone know which tool it is? I don't mean the web interface, but the local interface of the NVR. Thank you.