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  1. Teken

    Space X - Like Landing

    Everyday I see people from all walks of life from young, old, to novice to professionals. Who in their own way excel and lead the way to inspire others to do the same. This video show cases the culmination of seven (7) long hard years for this young lad. There are space agencies that have been...
  2. Teken

    Amazon buys iRobot

    Another successful technology company swallowed by the wail: Amazon to acquire Roomba robot vacuum maker iRobot for $1.7 billion Amazon acquires Roomba robot vacuum makers iRobot for $1.7 billion
  3. Teken

    Hikvision - Another news article

    I intended to share this video when it was first broadcasted but totally forgot! :facepalm: There isn't anything new in this video that hasn't been covered by a lot of other media content. Having said that there is a interesting thing I've only seen mentioned once and that is the Tiger Chair...
  4. Teken

    When it all goes wrong

    In this video it’s clear there is equal blame as to why this accident happened. In no way does it excuse the driver from simply driving away. But, it’s very clear she had the right of way and the bicyclists entered the intersection on a hard red. Regardless, you have a person that obviously...
  5. Teken

    Drop Shipping - Is this really a problem?

    Having read this article a few times I’m hard pressed to understand what the real problem is? So if anyone can offer clarity and insight that would be great! As I understand the article let’s call them (A) & (B). (A) companies sells lollipops. As far as I can tell they don’t make the candy but...
  6. Teken

    I’m going to arrest you?!?

    I saw this video last year but it popped up on my feed again. So figured the members could enjoy and get a good laugh.
  7. Teken

    BMW Subscriptions - Pushing Stupid

    As many of you know the subscription model concept has been around for decades. All of us can relate to receiving newsletters, books, music, movies, and everything in between. The entire idea is to receive something for monthly / yearly fee. A person can start - stop said service anytime when...
  8. Teken

    Texas ERCOT Power - Round 2

    I’m pretty sure lots of people know what happened during the 2021 winter in Texas. Where no less than 200 people died as rolling blackouts occurred due to extreme cold weather. It was said after this massive outage that new laws and repairs would avoid anything like that again. Fast forward to...
  9. Teken

    Rogers Communications Down - Impacts millions of people and companies

    This is the perfect example of the lack of due diligence and having an exit plan. Back up, fail over, resiliency, obviously isn't something Rogers communications is familiar with!! :facepalm: :lmao: Can you imagine there was a real war in Canada or where the dirty Russians blew up a cell...
  10. Teken

    Japanese Ex Prime Minister - Killed

    I can honestly say never thought I'd live long enough to see this:
  11. Teken

    Old School vs New School - Tree Height

    Several weeks ago our team was tasked to install and deploy half a dozen PtP / PtmP RF transmitters on a personal level. The primary goal was to extend the network connectivity for those in the bush line. Unlike a real commercial install where a pole / tower is installed. A large percentage of...
  12. Teken

    Russian Technology Fail

    It's safe to say the war started by Russia on Ukraine has show cased how poorly trained the Russian military is. :facepalm: This is only out classed by their absolutely brutal hardware and equipment. :lmao: Every time I think the dirty Russians can't break a new barrier of stupid. I am soundly...
  13. Teken

    Just got married - Now hit the bride?!?

    Watching this disgusting video took every fibre in my being to not react. I just wanted to hunt down this asshole and cut off his hands! [emoji35]
  14. Teken

    Kung Fu Sword Fighting - In America?!?

    I thought this was somewhere in Asia / Middle East - Nope! In the heart of America . . . NOTE: I was made aware this video and incident is in the UK. Not anywhere in the United States [emoji631]
  15. Teken

    Texas - Everything’s Big In Texas?!?

    I don’t know who coined the phrase everything is big in Texas??? But, this news article just came into my news feed: I absolutely can’t believe how much electricity Texas used on a single day: 75, 000 Megawatts! [emoji2357] Truly, everything is bigger in Texas including...
  16. Teken

    USB-C to Micro B (90 degree) cable - HELP!

    I’m working on a large project where I need to source many USB-C to Micro B cables. The Micro B USB must have a 90 degree plug end. As the system it’s connecting to has limited side to side room. The cable must be available from 1-3 meters in length. This cable also must be able to carry at the...
  17. Teken

    I5 South Union Street - WTF is happening??

    If anyone lives by this freeway underpass can you offer some insight as what the approach looks like before you enter the underpass?? Interested to know if there are proper signage indicating a very short intersection leading out that path. Based on this curated video people are just ignoring...
  18. Teken

    Both ITL Pilots Asleep

    Well this could have ended very badly for lots of folks. Thankfully air control was able to regain contact with the ITL pilot! [emoji2357][emoji1785] Don’t mind me just taking a nap! [emoji1787]
  19. Teken

    How does this work??

    This is a very old story about a home invasion in America. As noted by the reporter the female get away driver turned herself in after finding out the three suspects she had just dropped off were killed during their attempted home invasion by the home owner(s). They indicate she will be...
  20. Teken

    Just going out for a ride . . .

    Every time when I think I've seen it all - wrong! :facepalm:
  21. Teken

    Birth control - For Grandma?!?

    I laughed so hard after reading this! [emoji2357][emoji1787]
  22. Teken

    Epic Tornado Video Capture - Andover KS 2022

    This has to be one of the best multi view image captures of a tornado coming through from a single site. The multiple angles, clear shots, and incredible video quality from start to end is amazing. As the comments noted in that video the power of Mother Nature is truly to be reckoned with...
  23. Teken

    The making of a hard working man

    I’ve been asked many times over the years as to my thoughts about where hard working people come from?!? In my mind it starts when you’re very young. Your parents give you chores . . . It doesn’t matter if it’s making your bed, sweeping the floor, cutting the grass, doing the laundry...
  24. Teken

    Russian Drone - What's inside?!?!

    For those interested in any technology especially video technology like this forum. Speaking only for myself I've always been really interested to see what's inside different military tech from various countries. It doesn't matter what country as I am always curious to see and learn what they...
  25. Teken

    Identify This Connector

    I have a wiring harness from a APC SMX UPS system. Two of the connectors need to be replaced and for the life of me can’t identify the exact brand / type! If your Google Fu is strong I’d appreciate whatever the members can find. I’ll load up the pictures in a moment as Tapatalk doesn’t allow...
  26. Teken

    Russians - Oops he slipped out

    A quick search has turned up no less than four incidents spanning several years where people have summarily fell out of a high rise window. In some cases the windows are completely sealed and thus impossible to open. In all of these incidents they are classified by the Russians as suicide /...
  27. Teken

    Your in my space

    I thought I’ve seen everything on the Internet. Clearly I was wrong so enjoy this masterpiece! [emoji2357][emoji1787]
  28. Teken

    China Telecom - Its getting serious

    The FCC has revoked China Telecom’s license and has 60 days to wind down their operations in America. The company has operated in the USA for more than 20 years. If stories are true several other large Chinese companies may be banned and told to cease operations in America. I don’t know how...
  29. Teken

    Why live there?!?

    I’ll never understand how people justify living by things that will impact your life - forever?!? It’s not lost on me that people are enticed by cheap land and having the opportunity to be a home owner. But when you see people living by a major rail road, airport, trucking, etc. How do you ever...
  30. Teken

    Guess you need to work on that AI

    This is another perfect example of lazy people who rely too heavily on automation. We all know so called AI technology is still very young and needs to get better. One would think something that has a financial and legal impact on a citizen the government would embrace the human element to...