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    Looking for advice - NVR edition

    I agree totally. Another thing that's really killing the public choice is the pricepoint. I looked on Amcrest (& Amazon) and see that a 5mp camera with a 1/2.7 sensor is running about $55. They don't even HAVE the 2MP versions available to purchase. I'm guessing to get that would mean you have...
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    Looking for advice - NVR edition

    gotcha thanks!
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    Looking for advice - NVR edition

    thanks all. One last thing (I hope) is there seems to be a lot of "kits" that have the 4k (8MP) cameras. If I use one of those cameras but I drop the resolution down some, wouldn't that be like if it were a (4mp) camera and the camera would have better night quality? I'm thinking that at...
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    Looking for advice - NVR edition

    Thanks for clarifying about the sensor sizing. You mention a 2MP on a 1/2.8 but I'm only seeing a 1/2.9. So by your explanation, the 2.9 is smaller than the 2.8? If that's the case, would the difference between the 2.9 I'm seeing and the 2.8 you suggest be that much? As for the computer vs...
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    Looking for advice - NVR edition

    Hey guys. I've been around a while and (personally) I prefer to use BI on a computer. I have a friend that would like to get a system set up though and he doesn't have a ton of money or really, any tech expertise. Because of this, I'm inclined to look into a turnkey sort of NVR setup. Of...
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    Is is possible to randomize the patrol positions a PTZ camera does?

    While I agree with you on the practice, I didn't want to criticize the BI program itself. If that's a function they provide, I just wanted to understand how to use it. Definitely the more cameras the better but these are inside of the house so I wasn't too worried about it. I always chuckle...
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    Is is possible to randomize the patrol positions a PTZ camera does?

    Yes. BI can control the PTZ. Right click a PTZ camera, select the PTZ/Control tab. Edit Presets button.
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    Is is possible to randomize the patrol positions a PTZ camera does?

    I'm experimenting with an Amcrest IP3m 941 (dahua rebranded) PTZ camera and setting up auto PTZ positions. I don't believe it matters but I'm actually not using the wifi on it right now and have it cabled on the LAN. I have 5 PTZ different positions that I have the PTZ cycling through and...
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    Security cam & 2nd amendment vs. porch pirate

    I would guess it was staged for views just b/c many wouldn't keep one at the front door. Also, I would expect a perp being confronted would simply drop the package and run. Way too calm to walk back to someone holding a gun on them. Still good video if it makes even one person reconsider what...
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    So I roughly have installed a 5442 6mm birdhouse camera on lamp post 50' from my front door....with tire slashing incursion discussion

    Sorry to see what you're dealing with but it sure is informative. (nice trailer btw. I have the same one.)
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    Suspicious vehicle - What do you think?

    I understand your caution. Paper plates are running rampant across Harris County. Seems like most I see are always expired (have been that way before covid times) and I always wonder why the police arent seeing these like I seem to.
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    Catalytic converter theft in 20 seconds

    I love this idea but I seem to remember a case in NC where a business owner put in an electrified fence well inside the secured area to stop burglars. I think they successfully sued the property owner on the grounds that it wasn't done preventively but with malice. I could be wrong and...
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    Catalytic converter theft in 20 seconds

    True but with them in/out within 30 seconds, they're pretty sure the police are more than 30seconds away. I agree with you that there's not much one can do other than park in a secured area.
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    My NON camera capture for FedEx

    Oddly enough, something from Amazon doesn't always deliver from Amazon and even then, not always a picture is taken. (I like it when they do. I believe it helps.)
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    My NON camera capture for FedEx

    read my story in this thread - I really hate eBay in summary, there's a scam method where someone can provide a UPS tracking number that shows ON THE UPS TRACKING SITE that it delivered when it never did. Just heads up.... But yeah it seems like with today's technology, they should know to the...
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    More Car Troubles on the Corner

    the leak likely stopped because all the fluid was drained out. Problem solved! It's no longer leaking. Let's GO!
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    The rats are out again!

    Do you have your setup outlined somewhere? Interesting on the auto tracking.
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    Low cost IP-Cam with access over Internet

    I find it funny when someone asks for a "low cost cam". When is the last time you've ever seen someone ask for a "HIGH cost cam"? Someone just come on and say something like "I prefer to pay as much as possible for a solution!"
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    Is this the correct way to link switches?

    bottom switch, top row, port to the fartherest right. (blue arrow pointing it out from above. don't feel bad, I really had to look for it too)
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    Camera Capture? no....a camera miss. advice?

    Well I know we didn't leave the door open as I have the picture from a trigger after we went to bed. (one of the attachments) As for the ghosts, haha...I don't really care if a ghost opened it or not. Mostly I was asking about how to get BI tweaked to catch any movement regardless of the cause...
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    Camera Capture? no....a camera miss. advice?

    This one was kind of confusing. I have a IP3M-941-S in my front room and pointed at the front door and the door to the garage. Last night when we went to bed (about 11pm?), the door to the garage was closed but when we awoke this morning, it was open. I have the camera only set to record upon...
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    OS may have rebooted, and lost a day of coverage....

    What to do? I'd start with the search feature in the forum. People don't mind answering questions but you should really try to look and see if this has ever been asked before. There's lots of threads. (an example to start How to get Blue Iris to automatically start when restarting PC w/Windows...
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    Synology NAS NVR vs. a Standalone NVR

    Keep in mind that's why I said "imho". It's just my opinion. It might not be the same as someone else's. Of course it all depends on what your expectations are vs want to spend on a NAS I suppose. IMHO (...there it is again), another computer can be bought cheaper to handle the extra load...
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    Synology NAS NVR vs. a Standalone NVR

    I initially wanted to use my NAS as I do like the Synology Surveillance software but the cost I found to just be too much. Now you can still use it for 2 cameras for free so you don't have to totally abandon it. To me, the nas makes a great filing cabinet. Somewhere to store the files. As for...
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    Soo much to read

    I wish I would have seen this type of response before I ordered my first cameras. I would have saved a ton and had the right cameras in the right spots (I still don't) from the start.
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    Suggest wireless cube cam for senior monitor.

    For the camera I mentioned previously, I couldn't get the 2way audio (or even 1 way for that matter) to work. I didn't need it so I didn't try real hard though. I tried it. It didn't work for me. I moved on. I could very well have not had it properly configured though.
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    Soo much to read

    I agree with the reading overload. Something that might help would be to watch some of the youtube vids. They don't go as in depth as the wiki and documentation but it helps give you a base to start with. I have these channels bookmarked as ones that have some good vids. Fwiw, one of the...
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    Beehive Webcam

    I'll let you decide the HW but things like this are cool (I believe). I really like it when people put them on youtube as live streams. Often in my office, I'll turn on the tv and stream something like this, or a street in Tokyo for example (btw, I don't live in Tokyo). I think its just neat to see.
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    Pant's not sagging!

    This is going from memory in the mid 2000's. 2005 maybe? It's been a while but the idea of the numbers is correct at least. In short, things like this COST the taxpayer in the end and does it do anything? Years ago, Myrtle Beach SC decided to implement a $100 fine for this. It cost the state so...
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    I really hate eBay

    Your'e thinking like I did. Surely I didn't get scammed. So frustrating! I contacted UPS and after hours on the phone with them, they finally came back and said the tracking number that the seller gave as my tracking number, the same number that if you put into their tracking system shows as...