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    confused about the number of ai capability

    I have another question for Steve1225 or whoever can answer it. ;) How much AI perf usage power does SMD need? Thanks!
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    confused about the number of ai capability

    Hello Steve1225, thank you very much for your great explanation. You have helped me a lot with that and it makes sense. :D
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    Pro AI NVR latest new firmware NVR5XXX-I_MultiLang_V4.001.0000000.2.R.200814.bin

    I tested Palemoon, but some options that can be seen in Internet Explorer are still missing. Its the same like Firefox or Chrome. Or do you have to install an addon?
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    I hope Americans choose wisely. Fear, hatred, guns and lies are not good advisors for a peaceful life together. All the best America.
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    IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M IPC-HX5X3X-Multi-Rhea_Eng_V2.622.0000000.38.R.211029 Dual lens Firmware

    the camera is unfortunately not that great. On the one hand there are always reflections at night because of the glass dome and on the other hand the firmware is buggy. IVS and Face Detection can only be used for one channel. Starlight is also really bad compared to other Starlight Cams. I...
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    confused about the number of ai capability

    Hello forum, I have an NVR 4216-i here. I have 8 cameras on the NVR and now I wanted to use some of the AI features of the NVR. I use IVS from the recorder on one channel and FD on another channel. (only 2 "AI" Features from NVR!) If I want to enter another IVS rule, the recorder writes...
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    Dahua based NVR5216-4k Bricked

    Hello, I had the same error when flashing as you. With the current firmware the error no longer came, but a different one. My NVR is still dead. :( The instructions here in the forum didn't help me either. I guess I don't understand some of the steps correctly. I'm sorry I can't help you.
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    Face recognition - Storage/database

    I think that's because the camera dont support face recognition.
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    AI Face Detection / Recognation NVR4216-i

    Thank you for your answer bigredfish. :) Yes, I tried that too. Unfortunately no improvement. But I don't think that's actually necessary with AI via NVR, because cameras without FD should also work because the NVR does the detection. I see in the live image that the face is recognized by the...
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    AI Face Detection / Recognation NVR4216-i

    Hi, i have a problem with my new NVR4216-i. I bought it to use fast face recognition, the face recognition of the cameras in my opinion is much worse and slower than that of the NVR. I seem to have set everything right. AI by NVR, NVR is armed, the faces are also recognized very very quickly and...
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    local Interface remote View?

    I have now found out that a VGA to USB adapter is used to avoid having to connect a screen. This then "remotely" shows the image of the local NVR. I assumed that he was using a tool that displayed the local screen remotely. the thread can be closed My...
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    local Interface remote View?

    At Minute 7:40. correctly :)
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    local Interface remote View?

    Hello, I saw in a youtube video that someone viewed the local interface remotely. Does anyone know which tool it is? I don't mean the web interface, but the local interface of the NVR. Thank you.
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    Dahua based NVR5216-4k Bricked

    Hi, same error here. :( But it works with the latest version of the nvr firmware. i think you cant flash an older firmware.
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    Help unbricking a Dahua NVR with TFTP and serial connection.

    Hello, I have bricked my NVR5216 and am trying to recover it. Unfortunately I don't understand the meaning of command.bat. This creates the appropriate file (MySerialNumber-DH5416-K4S2.txt) that the NVR is looking for. So far so good, but where do I get the content of Commands.txt from? The file...
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    Dahua Firmware Mod Kit + Modded Dahua Firmware

    Hello, is it possible to go back from a "new" version V2.620.0000.0.R.20170620 to an old version 2.400.0000.34.R, Build Date: 2016-08-01? (IPC-HDW4421EM-AS) I can install different 2.6xx versions, but no longer the old 2.4000. The old version of the first page of this thread had more IVS...