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  1. CastleSurveillance

    SD59225U-HNI vs SD49225XA-HNR

    Hi guys, I currently have a SD59225U PTZ on my house.... it's been up for 2 years approx. I'm super unhappy with the tracking. It often spins in circles.. doesn't track correctly. Follows headlights of cars, etc. @Wildcat_1 helped me to set up the settings better than it was before... but...
  2. CastleSurveillance

    Android user: cannot access cameras on DMSS when not on home WiFi

    I have a client complaining about not being able to connect to his cameras via DMSS on his android phone when he is not on his home network. these cameras were installed well over a year ago and to my knowledge were operating perfectly fine until just now. anyone have any ideas?
  3. CastleSurveillance

    Dahua NVR - Skipping/Choppy Video

    Hi Guys, I have a client with a NVR in the field - it is a 32CH Dahua 4K NVR (Model #: DHI-NVR6A08-32-4KS2) - it has 8 separate 6TB skyhawk surveillance HD's. 21 Cameras connected - the majority 4MP turrets, 3x 4K vari-focal bullets, and 3x 180 degree Dahua cams (4x2MP image sensors) It is on...
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    Dahua Focus on Movement

    Alright guys - I set this up over a year ago and I cannot remember how I did it on my personal NVR. When there is movement - over a trip line, etc - my NVR will switch from view all 12 channels to view just that one channel - then after a couple seconds it'll switch back to the view 12 mode...
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    Fish Eye?

    I've never done a fish eye before. Client is asking me to put one above his bar/registers in a restaurant - Is this the right application for this? Additionally - when you break out multiple views on the fish eye, does each one of those take up a channel on the NVR? Say I want 4 views from that...
  6. CastleSurveillance

    Dahua Push Notifications?

    I have a number of clients recently that had successful push notifications that were working on their cellphones - until recently. Including my own home. My notifications are no longer working either. Is there an update to DMSS that requires a new setting? anyone else experiencing this?
  7. CastleSurveillance

    NVR robbing network speed?

    Well guys, I recently upgraded my internet speed to a gig. I’m getting roughly 200-400 MBPS from the back of the modem hardwired. But my WiFi is super slow. Like 20 MBPS. this is slower than when I was on the 200 MBPS plan. Started doing some poking around - found that if I unplugged my NVR...
  8. CastleSurveillance

    IPC-T4831T-ZAS IR problems?

    Installed 8 of these cameras on a clients house yesterday - look how horrible the IR is. Is this correct? I notice some are reflecting off siding - but even the driveway shot is terrible. client is super unhappy. anybody have ideas? I clearly can’t leave it like this.
  9. CastleSurveillance

    Client can’t access cameras when not connected to WiFi?

    I have a client that can’t access his dahua NVR Through gdmss unless he is connected to WiFi. He has data on his phone.... I cannot figure it out for the life of me. He has an android device and I’m not super familiar with them. He’s confirmed they’re live at home. I’ve access on my cell and...
  10. CastleSurveillance

    Less Bandwidth?

    Is there anyway I can track how much bandwidth my IP cams are using? I have 10 4MP cams, 1 5MP cam, and 2MP Dahua PTZ. My internet is getting bogged down - any ideas on how to go about reducing bandwidth used? I've purchasing some ubiquti Pro's to put inside my home to hopefully boost my wifi...
  11. CastleSurveillance

    Dahua - Day/Night IR

    Hey Guys, I have 4 cams on my house that I have set to a timed schedule to kick into IR due to landscape lighting causing them not to go into IR on their own.... The problem with this is - it needs constant attention - I'm going in there atleast once a month to adjust for sun rise/sun set times...
  12. CastleSurveillance

    Camera mount that raises camera?

    I have a client with a crazy neighbor throwing rocks from their back yard over at their cars. client has a ranch house. We have a 4MP Dahua camera pointing right at him but he is out of range. Camera is mounted on soffit. Any ideas? Can I lift the camera up higher to get a better angle? Is...
  13. CastleSurveillance

    Dahua NVR Monitor view?

    I now have 12 cameras on my house - is there anyway I can setup and/or customize a 12 camera view at all times? The 16 view with 4 empty slots at the bottom looks pretty week. Also - Off note - is there anyway for me to replace the dahua logo on the background of these blank channels with my...
  14. CastleSurveillance

    Dahua NVR - IVS Rules

    I typically sit in my office, with all 9 of my cameras on my monitor here at once. I have IVS rules set up on each and every channel - is there any way, when an IVS rule is tripped - I can have that become the primary screen on the monitor for a duration of time, and they automatically revert...
  15. CastleSurveillance

    IVS Tripwire & Intrusion box

    Can I make it so that when the tripwire is tripped, or the intrusion box is entered - my monitor will pull up that exact camera? Usually have my cameras on in my office and that would be a helpful feature.
  16. CastleSurveillance

    Wide view Dahua cam?

    Looking for a wide view camera to cover my front yard. not really looking for a fish eye or multi sensor - what is my widest options with decent IR vision?
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    Bought this special order from my wholesaler for a huge job (biggest weve ever done) This should be a 64CH NVR - on the back - there is no RJ45 Jacks for cameras?? There is only 2 RJ45 jacks in the back for input. Am I to assume I need a POE switch for these cameras and that all these cameras...
  18. CastleSurveillance

    Does anyone else hate Hik as much as I do?

    Their App/push notifications are about the most difficult thing in the world to set up. IVMS has to be port forwarded (which is a nightmare) - so you can't use hik connect. Hik connects app interface sucks, but has P2P. IVMS interface is better, but has to be port forwarded - which, c'mon hik...
  19. CastleSurveillance

    Help Surv Co Owner Design his home system?

    Hi Guys, I own a surveillance company in Metro Detroit, MI. I'm just about to close on a new house - so, I'm about to set up a pretty wild (for me) setup at my new house and going to cross some new boundaries that I haven't done before. Things I haven't done before: -two way talk door cam (I...
  20. CastleSurveillance

    $2M House Install (est. 1925)

    Hi Guys, I own my own camera company - and have been doing great - I have some experienced guys on the team and there hasn't been any job we haven't been able to tackle yet... However, this one threw me for a loop today. House was made in 1925 - it's essentially a fortress, it's made of solid...