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    I read in here cam should be installed 8 feet or below. What is the most ideal height?

    I bought the highly recommended IPC-T5442T-ZE cam if that makes a difference.
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    Recommendations for great color indoor cams

    A search in here revealed people using the "IPC-K42A" as an indoor, but I have not found much else. WHat is the most oft recommended one for inside to catch family events or god forbid a break in? (Although pretty much since my network equipment is literally at the front door, any thief with...
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    Help give me the rundown on feasibility of NAS drives, POE switches, and how and if it can be utilized for security cams

    I am interested in resolving a non security cam system problem: space, backup, and transferring files all over again when i get a new laptop, and finally having to pay a premium for a laptop with a larger drive. ( Haha i am currently in the need of a new laptop and dread the 1TB transfer again...
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    Can i directly connect Tinycam monitor to an IP Cam i will be buying? OR do i need to connect it to an NVR

    If i have a poE switch and my camera is on the same network can i just connect tiny campro?
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    1/3" CMOS @ 4 MP versus 1/2.7 @ 5 MP - I have questions

    I need to buy 2 cameras for basic residential use. I was comparing well recommended cameras, and know the 1/2.7 has a bigger image sensor. (seems counterintuative, but this is accoding to a site I found on actual diameters) SO the first easy question is as a general rule am i to assume the...