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    Registry backup of AI tool misses masks

    Periodically I need to reinstall the vorlon ai tool. I back up my old folder and do a full reinstall. Last step asks me if I want to use my registry settings. Say yes always as it has the config settings. But unfortunately it misses all of the mask details. Something to raise as an issue in...
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    AI Status window always empty

    I am trying out the BI deepstack. All seems to be working - I get the mqtt alerts for the motion detected, DS is running. I ticked the Save AI analysis details but the status window is always empty. What am I missing? Thanks
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    Curl command to turn on/off motion sensor in BI of a specific camera?

    HI all, I've used curl commands before to switch profiles of cameras but I'm trying to find a command or method either through nodered or home assistant to switch on/off the motion sensor option for a profile without changing the profile number. Is there a specific command I can use to achieve...
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    New C3N Ezviz installed - led longevity?

    Hi guys, As I already had 4 Ezviz C3WN cameras installed that I know work fine with my Blue iris and do the job perfectly well I wanted another for the roof. This time I got the new C3N with built-in LED lights for color night vision. I am curious if I have the led lights on all night how long...
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    Ezviz C3N 2mp night vision

    I have have 4 older c3wn cams which have served me well but I have led lights around and the cams in day mode. Bought a new C3N with the integrated led lights for night vision. Setting it up inside and surprised how bright they are. Going to be using the substream bluestack and blue iris so the...
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    SSD or HDD for BI/AI jpegs Default Input Path?

    I'm using deepstack with the AI tool Which drive is best to use for the BI Jpeg trigger folder and for AI Default Input Path? Would I observe slower performance using an HDD spinner for this Path? Would using my SSD perform too many writes and reduce its life prematurely? Thanks
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    Blue Iris and Deepstack on Windows 11 - many issues

    I had recently added some comments to another thread but thought I'd start my own to comment on my experiences with Win11. I upgraded to Win 11 last year on a Ryzen 3400 with GTX 970 running with deepstack gpu and all the latest drivers. Issues: Memory leaks - would need rebooting every day...
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    Error on ES object detection - [Ran out of frames to read]

    I seem to have got everything working now but hitting one roadblock when testing an event. Using this command: sudo -u www-data /var/lib/zmeventnotification/bin/ --config /etc/zm/objectconfig.ini --debug --eventid 146 --monitorid 3 I keep getting these errors at the end of the...
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    New copy function - 'except zones' !!

    Sorry, I knew there was a previous thread on this but couldn't find it. Now I was excited to see the new copy function but when I came to use it I stopped when I saw (except zones), which is exactly what I needed the copy for, as copying 7 zones to 4 different profiles on every cam takes all...
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    PC cabinet ventilation advice needed.

    I have just added a large gpu to my cabinet. It only has 1 rear fan and would like to add some extra airflow. Now there is a magnetic filter on the top with what looks like holes to place fans but the air is being drawn in here. The front has a plastic cover with lights (unused). Not sure if...
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    Different MODE setttings for custom model? Windows deepstack

    I have recently moved my deepstack servers from docker to windows and now use the AI tool deepstack settings tab. I have a custom model configured in addition to the standard. In docker I could specify a different mode for each deepstack server but can't see this option in the AI tool. Is...
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    Deepstack running with coral usb instead of cpu?

    Sorry maybe a daft question but can I plug in a google coral usb and configure deepstack to utilize the analyzing power of coral instead of the cpu? Been reading around for a while and can't find a definitive answer as it all relates to frigate. I'm probably missing a big piece of information...
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    Stuck on setting a profile for specific cameras - help please

    Need some help please. been struggling with this even after going through the manual etc. I have set up a day and night profile that is turned on/off by homeassistant automation/keyfob/phone app widgets. I want to set up another profile just for the interior cameras to turn on when I am out...
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    Ezviz IR setting - Push command?

    I have 3 settings on my Ezviz cams. Day Night Auto (with sensitivity adjustments) Does anyone know if there is a method of pushing a command to swtich on/off the IR other than from the desktop studio dashbpard for the camera software? Possibly a curl http push command or something along those...
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    Object Detection - AND or OR condition on object travels/zone crossing?

    Hi, Please can someone clarify if these two options need to be BOTH satisfied to trigger or is it OR condition? The object needs to travel 158 pixels AND cross the zones, or cross the zones or just travel 158 pixels regardless of zones? It wasn't clear in the manual for me and also the...
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    Trigger setting - Maximum trigger/alert duration?

    Hi all, I haven't figured out what this setting does and how to use it yet. Some advice would be appreciated. I read the manual but am still in the dark. I have the end trigger set at 3 seconds but the other setting Maximum trigger/alert duration does not seem to do anything even if set at 60...
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    Concerned about a new AMD ryzen pc I just bought today! Will BI work??

    I've just ordered a new PC, Ryzen 5 3400g on an A320 motherboard. 16Gb ram. Been warned on FB that BI will not work on a 3400g! Now I am rather stressed. Do I need to quickly cancel the order and change for an intel? I'd rather not. What do I need to be aware of running BI on ryzen amd? Just...
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    Blue iris downloads updated version but does not reload

    My version is a few weeks old now, after the new version downloads nothing happens. It used to reload and update on its own. Tried restarting the BI and the service. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Object detection from a vertical position?

    I've recently installed a camera quite high up and have deepstack with the AI tool running. Does the object detection api need an angle to work effectively? I've noticed these objects are not being detected from above All settings on maximum sensitivity. Possibly need to lower the cam so it's...
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    Security concern with web server settings - duckdns and nginx

    I have duckdns set up and it is ssl encrypted through my nginx proxy manager . Set up the duckdns https url under web server for remote access. Chose authentication from non-LAN only but to my horror I could access my dns url from a non-lan remote site without authentication. When configured...
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    Ezviz C3WN - config settings for contrast/brightness - push command?

    Hi all, I can adjust the brightness etc from the Ezviz studio advanced settings but I am looking to go further. I'd like to push a command to change these to presets on a schedule. I have not found any local config file for these adjusted settings. Are they stored on the camaras memory? Is...
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    Trigger deepstack/blueiris object detection from PIR trigger mqtt

    I have several PIR sensors around the garden that alert me through nodered (mqtt rf bridge). Is there a way to make the blue iris camera trigger the snapshots in the record tab from an mqtt message and/or nodered? Thanks
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    Ideal image settings for night time detection? Contrast/BLC

    I have managed to configure my Ezviz camera gui to access the contrast/brightness/DVL/BLC settings etc. Now the dark objects that pass through my yard at nighttime with the IR camera light on are not always detected due to the lack of contrast, dark on dark even with a wall light on. I am...
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    How to set max fps on each camera?

    How can I set the fps per cam and set it fixed? I see under VIDEO Max.rate but it keeps reverting back to a higher level after saving it. Thanks
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    Black and White trigger option on or off with IR?

    I have 3 exterior cams (Ezviz C3WN) that have the IR enabled at nighttime. I have a BI profile for night time. I haven't noticed much difference in ticking the 'black and white' motion trigger option. What would be most efficient at nighttime with the cam IR enabled with some artificial...
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    How do I Post only alert imagines to ftp location?

    I'm trying to export any alert images detected by deepstack/AI tool to my ftp location also. In the BI main settings I have configured one of the Aux folders to the folder where all the deepstack alert images are sent to. But when are they moved? Only option is 'Queue for back up' . Do they...
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    Help - Can't get AI tool to detect this animal which is clear in the snapshots.

    I have the fork of the AI tool running with deepstack and blueiris v5. This cat is sneaking through the AI tool every night but bI is triggered and takes many snapshots to be processed. I have BI to take fast repetitive snapshots when it triggers so it has a better chance. every 0.3 seconds and...
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    Deepstack better on powerful windows rather than small ubuntu pc?

    Currently I have BI and AI running as services on my windows i7 7770 32GB dell tower 500GB ssd and 4tb hdd) The deepstack server container is running on my homeassistant ubuntu mini pc with only 4gb and small ssd (many other containers on the homeassistant ubuntu also). I'm thinking now maybe...
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    Best android app for connection to my server?

    Hi guys, Just purchased a full BI license. I see there is not free android app for BI (correct me if I'm wrong) The main BI app at 9.99 has bad reviews. Can you recommend a decent android app? The widget one looks ok. Thanks Sorry just realized there is a specific category for apps. if...
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    Hi all! Just purchased the BI.

    HI all, Just into my 5th day of trying out BI. So far very happy. Joined this forum and saw the discount so just purchased and registered the product this morning. Exhausted all other options - motioneye/ipsy/motion/zoneminder/frigate etc. I use homeassistant also so have mqtt integrated with...