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    Latest version of SmartPSS 64 bit for Windows?

    Is there any chance a new, stable 64-bit version of SmartPSS is coming out soon with selectable hardware/software decoding? Why is it taking so long for Dahua to fix the issues for people who have 4K monitors and use Windows scaling? Right now, I'm stuck using 32-bit versions that have issues...
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    Need reccomendations: Dahua compatible 4K @30fps camera with audio

    I own a Dahua NVR5232-4KS2 NVR and need recommendations for a camera that meets these specifications: • 4K video at 30fps • 2.7~3.2MM wide angle lens (varifocal is fine) • Must have audio input or a built-in microphone • SD card is optional • Must be compatible with Dahua's motion detection...
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    Silly string bandits!

    Caught this on my Sunba 805-D20XB camera yesterday.
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    Pixelated color noise

    I have a strange problem. Using the web client during the night when the cameras are B&W - everything looks fine; but during the day, if there's no movement in the image I get pixelated color noise all over the image and distortions behind moving objects. After a few seconds, the image cleans up...
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    ONVIF Chinese cameras and Hikvision NVR's

    Has anyone compiled a list of what cheap Chinese ONVIF cameras work with Hikvison NVR's - or do they only work with Hikvision cameras? I see some of the Hikvision NVR's have 'third party' and ONVIF camera support but I don't see any discussions about what works and what doesn't. I know I'm new...