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    Help request: Get Youtube streaming camera towards Blueiris

    We are facing the following challenge: We would like to be able to add a couple of the webcams that the provence of Gelderland is operating into our blue iris setup. For an overview of all camera's see this page: overzicht webcams All camera's have their own subpage (see example webcam N325b)...
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    Blueiris settings issue - cameragroups missing

    Running the x64 version with 50 camera's and 22 camera groups. We noticed that we have issues with the camera group names. In our setup certain users only have access to their 'own' set of camera's, while others only have access to another set of camera's (thus explaining the great...
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    Blue iris is GREAT

    We just felt we needed to say that we think that Blue Iris rocks! We tried many different software packages, but BI is still the best there is. Thanks for having made his software and still maintaining it the way you do, Ken! Atoombunker And, we are not paid to say so. It's just our honest...
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    Help request correct parameters for grabbing external based cam

    While we have on our premises a lot of 'private' cams that are captured by Blue Iris, it would be nice adding some general cams from our city as well to the BI cam collection. However, we are not able to get the correct parameters for grabbing the picture from the (external) webcam. Example...