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    IVMS 4200 disable Audio for some users.

    Hi. I have installed IVMS 4200 ( latest version ) and created users. When i right click on a specific camera with built in mic, i can get sound by selecting ''audio on'' However, i want to disable the users from getting sound, listening . But it seems like i cannot set such rights is that...
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    Max connection Streams in Hikvision DVR

    Hello Everyone. We have an installation of 32channels on an dvr which has 128 max connections according to the pdf sheet. As soon as 5 PC's are connected to the DVR by using Internet explorer, it doesnt accept anymore. So as far as i have learned, there is an streaming server option for this...
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    iVMS 4500 not available anymore on Samsung devices Playstore

    I cannot find IVMS 4500 on samsung. However, hik connect, and ivms 4500 HD are still available/ is it only me ? I dont know if same case on app store
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    Advise setting up multiple TV's

    Hi all, i need help / advise / suggestions with the following situation: I have an installation, big building, installed 32 cameras, which are connected to poe switches all over the building. Now We want to view some cameras on TV's located at different Rooms. There are internet cables running...
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    Moisture in Hikvision EXIR camera DS-2CD2385FWD-I

    Hello, in all of the camera's i have installed, there seems to be moisture inside the lens. Doesnt matter hanging indoor or outdoor. I have checked inside the camera, the bags are there. So thats not the issue, but after a week its still like that. Didint try. What could be the possible reason...
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    Fast Shuffling in Playback with NVR local gui

    Hi, as you may know, with never NVR models, it is possible to playback video very easy, by just holding left mouse button in timeline, and moving left or right to fast view the playbacks. ( i dont know how this function is names ) ANyways, as far as i have seen this is yet not possible with DVR...
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    Streaming multiple ip camera's to 10 tv's

    Hello all. I need some advise/suggestions for the following setup: Installed 2x 32CH nvr, so in total 64 cameras, all 4MP, connected to gigabit switches all over the building. Connections between the switches are gigabit, so thats ok. We have around 10 tv's in the building,with internet cable...
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    Disabling Push notifications on cloud, disables motion detection

    Hi, i have a weird issue here. I have added my hikvision camera to the platform, and watching it over cloud by using Hik - Connect. I have also set line crossing detection, it works oke, i can receive push notif. But whenever i disable ' message push notification '' the camera motion detection...
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    Remote configuring the IPC which is connected to Hik cloud

    Hi. I can acces the settings ( remote configuration ) of a dvr/nvr which is connecting to the hikconnect cloud by using cms tool of hikvision ( ivms 4200 ) however, this doesnt work on any ip camera. As the camera is installed far away, and i am not able to connect locally, i need to do some...
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    Firmware upgrade for multiple ip camera's at once

    Hello, i have searched thrue the forum, but have not found any topic for this. I want to upgraded all the camera's in the same network/ They all are same type.model. and FW version is same.. all are European version. In stead of doing it one by one ( what would cost many time ) i was wondering...
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    Settings configuration from remote for camera from Cloud

    Hello. Maybe the subject is little confusing, but it is like this: I have an Hikvision camera, connected to the cloud from Hik-Connect, without opening ports. I can see the live view, playbacks etc, but i cannot enter the settings ( setting day night , WDR, flip mirror camera etc ) IVMS CMS...
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    Finding Verification code of Ip camera

    Hi, I have the serial number of the camera, platform access is online, however in that same screen the verification code is not seen. Sadp tool also isnt showing it . It most be written below the camera, but the camera is already installed and hanging on the bracket, at 6M height. Is there any...
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    Big delay on Hik cams,connected to 3th party NVR

    Hi guys. I have the following problem. At an office, There are connected around 24 ip camera's to an Hikvision NVR, which works smoothly without any problems. At 3 offices, there are 3th party ( Mini nvr ) , there are added 4 camera's so that the workers can see the images. The camera's are...
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    Hik/Dahua List of Compatible brackets.

    Hello. Is there any list available for both Hik and Dahua. to easly see which bracket-mount is for which camera model?
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    Pattern Unlock Limited rights?

    Short Question ; is it possible to give users, who login to watch playbacks etc by using the unlock pattern, LIMITED rights, so that they cannot set device to inactive and take over the device. I know another solution is just to let them login by using their password, but this is not an option.
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    Limited Searching IVMS 4500 ( 1 day only, before was 3 )

    I am using version 4.5.2 of Ivms 4500 on Android. As far as i have noticed, it is no more possible to remote playback for 3 days. It automaticly forces you only for 1 day search. What kind of Update is that? Could you guys please confirm. Or maybe it is a bug in my application.
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    Watching record of disconnected camera's

    I have 10 exir ip camera's connected to the 7616 NVR. The strange thing is that, when some camera's get disconnected, i also cannot remote playback those. They are not shown in the list. At least i should be able to watch the recorded files, TILL the camera goes offline right? Am i the only one...
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    IVMS 4500 loading slowly ( about 4 seconds )

    Hi. Have you guys already noticed that ivms 4500 ( mine is samsung ) loads/ starts up 3 or 4 seconds later then it normally does ? i have it on 3 different phones ( each different cameras configured on it )
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    Enabling Mic Connected to Audio In of NVR

    Hello. I have connected a microphone to the Audio IN port, behind the nvr. But i cannot find any option in the web interface to enable it.. Also connected 3 ip cameras. Listening also fails. At the record parameters of channel 1, just VIDEO is available, Video & Audio isnt..
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    Incorrect channel number on ivms 4500 mobile app

    Hi, I have seen this error many times, both on CN nvr and ccwr versions. And on different versions. I tried searching on the forum for it, but strangely it looks like i am the only one facing this. After adding the NVR to the app, The first channel gives an error . Failed to connect. incorrect...
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    Connecting cameras to NVR at different locations

    I want to do the following, but dont know how to manage . So i need some help please. I will try to explain the situation. There are 4 locations, lets say A, B , C and D All of those locations have 2 ip camera's installed ( 2432 cube ) So now there is anoter location E, which is the office...
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    Cannot Enable Push notification on mobile. ( DDNS server registration failed )

    Somehow, i am no more able to enable push notifications on my mobile for alarm trigger, because of the DDNS server registration failed,, thats the error message it shows me for about 2 or 3 seconds. I have not set any ddns account, neither i want to. I dont need that. All ports are configured...
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    Auto Launching IVMS app after receiving Push message

    Hello, i have 2 questions.. Hope you guys can help I was wondering, if it is, somehow possible, to auto start the IVMS 4500 ( android ) application, after a push message is received. So the phone has to detect that there is a push message received from IVMS, and trigger the app to launch...
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    Remote control the GUI interface ( by distance )

    is it, somehow possible, to remote control the gui interface on distance? it would be usuable for me to give some tutorials about how to ..
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    NVR changing Smart linkage schedule.

    Hello guys, i have an issue here, which i have spent too much time on now. So i hope someone can help me out. This is the situation: I have a 7608ni e2 nvr, with 4 camera's connected by a switch. At first, the camera's were connected by using the admin account, but somehow ,the linkage...
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    NVR Substream is displayed as third stream, while substream setting is different

    I have another strange problem now, which i hope someone can help me with. So there are 4 camera's connected to the nvr ( by onvif protocol ) The substream in config of camera is set like below: But somehow, when i check the resolution inside the NVR,its shows as the THIRD stream settings of...
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    Slow upload speed viewing 16 cameras

    Hi all, i need your help on this case.AS description says. i have a 0.85mb upload connectiion with 16 x 3mp cam connected to nvr. How can i best set the nvr ( frames, kbps, vbr cbr etc ) in ordr to have a good image without freezes? cuz now its so slow.i cannot even enter config screen because...
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    Importance of opening PORT 554. Most or not?

    Today during the Meeting we had a discussion about port 554. Some said it is neccessary to open this port, otherwise it wouldnt not work on mobile, and some ( including me ) said it is not neccesary. I have installed many ip cameras, and never opened port 554. I always open port 80( to acces...
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    Suggestions / Tips for my Line crossing settings ( check picture )

    This is the camera, places in front of the door. I have set the line crossing, and ofcourse i want as less as possible falls alarms ( Lights of cars parking, and driving by ) What sensitivty do you suggest for best performance?
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    No network since NVR fallen down from 3Meter down

    Today i have managed to Drop a chinese 7608n-e2 NVR ceilling to the ground ( while the case is closed ) After booting up, everything went normal, but SADP tool can not see the device anymore. TX/RX led on the front panel is blinking ( not so often ) and i also see the led on the router . So the...