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    Rain causing triggering in Blue Iris, sounds familiar? What did you do?

    What settings have you used to prevent rain causing triggering in Blue Iris, whilst having settings sensitive enough to respond to significant events?
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    Choppy audio and video caused by plug in TP-Link mains LAN

    This problem was sorted, my post is for information should anyone else experience something similar. This morning both audio and video on my BI PC was choppy, audio sounded like a loose microphone lead, video choppy too. Cars passing the front of my house appeared freeze then to suddenly jump...
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    I've got 4 switches connected to my router-modem, looking in the router log I see many notices reporting IGMP traffic. I assume this is normal, a requirement to optimize network traffic within a CCTV installation. Will someone please confirm my assumption.
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    Hikvision NVR here with an IP of 192.168.2.xx

    Where did my NVR's extra IP address come from? Currently I run successfully both a Blue Iris PC and Hikvision DS-7608NI-K/8P NVR. The NVR I configured with a standard static IP (192.168.1.xx) to allow a LAN connection to my router, and for the cameras a second IP subnet (
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    Any suggestions for a cheap basic home CCTV system?

    A female friend is enthused at seeing my home cctv install and now wants cctv at her house. She doesn't have much money and I wouldn't be involved in any install, my only input is to offer some detached advice. She knows someone who is technically knowledgeable, not yet with CCTV. He would do...
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    BI, Setting a camera's default gateway, DNS and camera NIC questions

    Sooner or later I'll be getting my BI PC set up with its 2 NICs. No camera needs DNS configured, correct? No camera needs a default gateway set, correct? With my Hikvision cameras it looks like I can leave the default gateway blank. With my Dahua camera, blank isn't acceptable. It will...
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    My Firmware update DS-7608NI-K2/P and Dahua camera with Hikvision NVR issues

    From Hikvision's EU portal, I've just downloaded then updated the firmware on my Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/P NVR from V.3.4.103 build 181226, to V.3.4.106 build 190702 and all seemed to go well. As usual I haven't noticed any difference. RE Virtual Host, I would like to highlight what mike here...
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    IPCT recommended firmware updates - ok, it's at your own risk

    I am aware that the general advice on here is against undertaking firmware updating, if it ain’t broke why fix it. Yes I read reports of the risks of updating firmware particularly with those using grey market sourced hardware. Nevertheless I see new firmware is available, do I or don't I...
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    Downloading a copy of IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes

    Last year I downloaded the helpful IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes 2018-4 as a docx file, mostly I use a desktop PC running Ubuntu and it took me a few minutes. Having these notes on my desktop is a useful reference. I've just made copy of the latests Notes using copy and paste but the result is not as...
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    Ever had a camera or NVR's update which improved things?

    I recently updated (for yet another time) the firmware on my Hikvision NVR, because there was an update available I suppose. I've no idea if my Dahua or Hikvision cameras would benefit from an update, but I went ahead anyway. As before I found nothing different. The Hikvision NVR features...
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    Appearance of a camera's date and time overlay

    Currently I have both Hikvision and Dahua cameras feeding into my Hikvision NVR. The Dahua camera's overlay is all white and clearer to read, the Hikvisions' are a mixture of black and white figures which seems to depend on the background. Actually this feature makes the figures less easily...
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    View Dahua camera's rtsp stream with Raspberry Pi omxplayer

    I want to use a RPi as a tool to help me install a Dahua IPC-HDW5231RP-ZE outside. The Dahua camera is already working with my Hikvision NVR and PC inside. I want an alternative to using a smart phone. I've been using a RPi and monitor for installing Hikvision cameras. It's simple to take...
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    Retain the camera mount, then later change to a different make of camera

    Mostly I'm talking Hikvision and Dahua, lets say I wall mount a Hikvision camera then down the line the camera fails and I want to change to a Dahua camera or vice versa whilst keeping the original mount. I am reluctant to drill more holes into my house wall, I'm talking about customisation of...
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    Any place for Dome and PTZ cameras, or just install varifocal turrets?

    Dahua's turrets and varifocals often get recommendations from the "experts" here, but do Dome and PTZ cameras have any place in a home setup? Where might Dome and PTZ cameras be the idea cameras to use? I use the name turret here to also include eyeball cameras. Assuming you have a PTZ camera...
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    Has anyone been thankful for having SD memory in a camera?

    I get the scenario, you anticipate the thief enters your property and among other items steals also your NVR/Blue Iris PC, so you have no video evidence to show the police. No Cloud storage I assume. To protect against this eventuality you fit SD memory chips to each camera. With no NVR your...
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    A basic how do I install Blue Iris question

    I purchased and downloaded Blue Iris in November 2018 to install later on a Windows 10 PC. On my Linux PC at the time it appeared as bidl, identified as a DOS/Windows executable (application/x-ms-dos-executable). Fast forward to today, and my EliteDesk 800 G3 SFF W10 Pro is primed and ready...
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    HP EliteDesk 800 G3 SFF NVMe SSD screw problem

    I bought an HP PC for BI and will transfer the W10 install from the existing 1TB HDD to a motherboard mounted M2 2280 SSD, compact size and faster NVMe data transfer versus slower 6 Gbits/sec SATA3 is appealing. I will then remove the 1TB drive for something(s) bigger, but I need a screw as...
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    Have you enabled audio, input, output or both?

    Rather than hijack a current thread, I've started another. It's a general, how important has been you having audio enabled on your cctv system being my question here. Currently TV adverts in the UK are featuring a product like Ring's Doorbell as here on youtube, you receive an alert on your...
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    BI yes but some W10 questions here

    An HP Elite SFF Desktop with W10 pro dedicated to just BI for example, what recommendations for handling the W10 side of the system, updates, anti-virus, anti-malware, backups or anything else. Run a BI system isolated from the internet and there are fewer risks that need covering. Currently...
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    Santa's watching you children

    "Simply attach the camera in your child's room and have them really thinking that Elfie is watching their behaviour" Yep, in a local store today I was surprised that Santa's Elves are also interested in CCTV.
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    Thanks for raising a security issue

    Just to say thanks to all ipcamtalk folk here, which led to me check my router after I read the posts on here. Using ShieldsUp here I was reminded that I'd enabled ICMP pings in the past after I'd had a problem with my ADSL, to enable my ISP to tweak my settings. I'll be checking my router logs...
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    Anyone changed a camera lens with one of a different focal length?

    Suppose I wanted to change the M12 lens mounted on a Hikvision 3MP mini-bullet, a DS-2CD2035FWD-I with one of a different focal length, there are lots of M12 lenses for sale on eBay. Has anyone done this sort of thing? No change is not a big deal here, but I'd just like to know what options...
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    Managed POE switch advantages or not that much with cctv

    After I realised the limitations of my initial purchase of an unmanaged 8 port POE switch ( TP-Link TL-SG1008PE), I bought a 16 port, 8 POE + 8 (TL-SG1016PE). The background to the new purchase was the issue of me dealing with the camera subnet which my 8 camera Hikvision NVR system imposes, and...
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    Your domestic property, how many cameras for external cover

    Currently I think I need cover on at least on three sides, with two cameras per side, totalling 6 cameras for starters. The 4th side has no windows or entry points. Assuming an average domestic property, how many cameras do you have or suggest. It's all to easy to focus on the recording and...
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    RJ45 socket, minimal untwisted, both ends the same, A or B etc -

    -does it matter? I suspect when wiring up a RJ45 socket, you keep the untwisted wires short, consistent using the same scheme both ends, choose A or B so as not confuse any other person modifying your installation in the future. Even then some eBay sourced RJ45 modular sockets I bought don't...
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    Which firmware for DS-7608NI-K2/8P

    The firmware for my DS-7608NI-K2/8P from new is V.3.4.98 Build 171121 date 2018-05-24. I've two issues with the current firmware, lack of configurations for Live View with Channel Zero, just 1+7 available, and any indication that I've ever had NTP Server working or DST. How much these are...
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    How do you use your dedicated PC for Blue Iris

    New to cctv, I'm currently on a Hikvision NVR route, how long remains to be seen. From initial trials I've experienced the constraints of a Hikvision system. There's limited flexibility to use other makes of cameras, there's a camera subnet, removing cameras from the configuration could be far...
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    External cabling to camera junction box -security

    I suppose ideally cables from a wall mounted camera should exit from the back of a junction box to pass through the wall, this isn't an option for my next camera. I want at least one of my cameras not to be discrete, for its deterrent value. My plan is to use white plastic flexible conduit from...
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    Hikvision camera wall mounts and junction boxes

    What is the model of Hikvision wall mount and for what size of camera? All I've seen have junction boxes with external lugs top and bottom. I think this mount looks neater. Also this youtube Hikvision video shows a wall mount for a speed dome not widely available separately, though I have...
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    Hikvision NVR display of Channel-Zero Encoding, not wanting 1+7

    I have a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/P currently with 4 IP cameras connected and a 2*2 display showing on a monitor. On the LAN, VLC can display individual camera streams and I would also like the option to use the NVR's channel-zero encoding to at least display 8 equal boxes, instead VLC displays...