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  1. J Sigmo

    House explodes

    I'm not sure if it's kosher to post a link to a FB post or not, but here goes: This is not my video. But someone got some security camera footage of this house exploding earlier today not too far from my place. I'm not sure what sort of camera system the poster used. I live a little over a...
  2. J Sigmo

    I want a "sort of new" laptop.

    Feel free to smack me if this is too far out of line for this forum, but: I sometimes need a laptop. To surf, shop, do minor CAD, and especially to interface with PLCs, instruments, VFDs, etc., to make adjustments or update their programs and such in the field. This is Not for running BI. :)...
  3. J Sigmo

    Entertaining couple of days at work.

    Tuesday: Lightning strikes the power lines on a pole right at the edge of our water plant's property. This takes out one fuse and one lightning arrestor at the pole, cutting one phase of the high voltage feeding the primaries of the transformer banks that feed both the plant and our "settled...
  4. J Sigmo

    Deer munching on a small tree. Poor tree!

    This is the first time I've posted a cam cap to this forum, the first time I've tried to export and edit cam videos, and my first time using this video editor. Be gentle! We get deer quite often, and they've ruined a formerly nice hedge, a number of trees, etc. Here's how! :) I exported...
  5. J Sigmo

    Feed BI with video from another PC

    I know you can buy encoders that convert HDMI or other video feeds into H.264 or H.265, but I was wondering if anyone knew of software, to run on a PC, that would take the video being shown on that PC, and do the encoding, and then potentially feed it to the local network where it could be...