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  1. John Williamson

    Hikvision 7608/7616 K2 - GUI 4 No Longer Supported?

    Previously NVR Version 4 software was available for the 7608 and 7616 K2 NVR's. I understand that you can actually just use I series firmware on those models but on the UK portal Hikvision had put version 4.21.005 in the K2 series folder. I've gone on today to download it and noticed the...
  2. John Williamson

    Easy IP 4.0 Release - UK?

    Does anyone know when the Hikvision Easy IP 4.0 cameras will be released in the UK? They were announced July '18 but still unavailable. My supplier told me to expect an April shipping date but this has passed and on another forum someone said the UK release had been postponed indefinitely. I...