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  1. PapaBill

    Drunk goes OVER a roundabout... REDNECK STYLE!

    Roundabout Redneck Style
  2. PapaBill

    Scary clowns delivering valentines day gifts.

    Their site is Ranch Of Horror
  3. PapaBill

    Just got this off the news line.

    A crane flips over, caught by someones Ring camera, ya can even hear the destruction in good detail.
  4. PapaBill

    Xeon CPu for B.I.

    Ok I know in the wiki it says alot of used xeons are old and loud, but this one is a 4 core setup server. Intel Xeon E5620 2.4GHz quad-core processor Intel® Xeon® Processor E5620 (12M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 5.86 GT/s Intel® QPI) Product Specifications Would this as a server cpu be good for B.I. and...
  5. PapaBill

    Doorbell camera spots armed suspected burglars at front door of Covina home

    Read this in the paper, and wanted to share it here.
  6. PapaBill

    Rescue Dog protects my daughter.

    My daughters husband got this big pitbull from the pound a while back, and ya could tell he was abused, he loves my daughter and watches over them, well the neighbors across the street has a pack of mutts that keep getting out and trying to attack my daughter or anyone else outside on the...
  7. PapaBill

    I smell a scam here....

    I mean REALLY on sale for 40.00, these prices are way too low... check it out... But they have the full prices on Ali, and here ya have to buy a min of 6 for this specific camera, hell if it was legit then 6 cams total 240 DEAL. Dahua IPC-HFW5831E-ZE - DragonEye Security Headquarters
  8. PapaBill

    Question on new build.

    Ok After listening to everyone here, I am now down to using a Pute from Ebay, instead of a NVR, with Blue Iris, but now for the big question. I am getting a Puter, Cameras, the Cable... What kind of switch do I need to hook it up and am I missing anything here? I am getting the brackets and...
  9. PapaBill

    Hilarious, how to move someone blocking your driveway

    This is from Daily mail Australia.
  10. PapaBill

    Neighborhood Watch.

    @n8huntsman owns this video, I just posted it here to ask him WTF is going on? looks like a fight about to break out and a guy in police gear with a rifle. Details PLZ! :secret:
  11. PapaBill

    Sharing a camera setup video...

    I want to be able to share a camera feed with my local P.D. Now with the Dahua setup keeping it off the net like everyone said with a VPN, would I still be able to share one camera feed with my local police? the reason is i am pointing one camera at my corner and across the street is the local...
  12. PapaBill

    Anyone ever buy from E&M SECURITY?

    They have my 5216 NVR for 238 English ver Original English version 4K NVR NVR5216 4KS2 NVR5232 4KS2 8/16/32 Channel Network Video Recorder-in Surveillance Video Recorder from Security & Protection on | Alibaba Group Where as it is 320 at Bec, both free shipping 5-13 days Thanx
  13. PapaBill

    Wife now agrees time to get cameras NOW

    Last night around 7 I was in the shower and the wannabe gangbangers across the way were out being loud as usual, then my wife heard noises by our house but didnt go out, well this morning at 520 when I went out with her as she was going to work I find tire marks on my sidewalk where some ahole...
  14. PapaBill

    Old Man but a New Guy here.

    Hello all, I am in Central Calif, and I own a house on the corner, so i see alot of crap happening especially since our so called great city of Oakdale is going to crap. About 2 years ago we had some kids doing donuts in the road and everytime we would run out they were gone, then they hit my...