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  1. TechBill

    Dahua NVR5XXX-4KS2 no longer flagging IVS events in playback timeline

    I had NVR5XXX-4KS2 for over 2 years now and it always been a reliable recording and playback unit for me. The NVR is hidden at a hard to reach place in the house so I use Chrome or SmartPSS for all my playback and saving to mp4 duties. A couple of month ago, i thought on one of the camera that...
  2. TechBill

    Cheap Z-Wave / Zigbee doorbell sensor

    I been looking for doorbell sensor to tie in my doorbell chime so I can set up a light flashing when doorbell button is pressed. During my search, I discovered a cheap way to set one up if you use Zigbee in your home automation so I wanted to share it on here. The sensor is a SAGE Zigbee...
  3. TechBill

    Export to mp4 Dahua NVR 52XX

    Anyone know how to export video to mp4 via NVR52XX web management new interface using the latest firmware?
  4. TechBill

    iDMSS Plus 4.91.000

    Dahua released a new iDMSS update today. Seem to be more quicker in live preview but those with NVR will probably noticed a new entry when selecting camera to add to live preview that the first entry will load all camera on NVR into one screen. I am still exploring other area in iDMSS ...
  5. TechBill

    Apple iOS Homekit / Z-wave

    I learn something interesting today while looking into Homekit. I haven't fully read up on it but I am posting this to share and maybe someone here already experimented on it and can chime in more on it. The Apple Homekit doesn't really have a hub but it uses one of the Apple TV as a bridge...
  6. TechBill

    Issue logging in on Chrome browser

    There is an issue logging in on the new ipcamtalk forum script using Chrome browser. I already cleared Chrome cache a couple of times and I still couldn't log in. All it does was fresh the browser and no error message or not "wrong username/password" message. Just a refresh asking me to log in...
  7. TechBill

    SimpliSafe Doorbell

    I did a search on this forum on SimpliSafe all I found was discussion on its' alarm system not a doorbell unless I missed it somehow. Anyone own or seen this latest doorbell called SimpliSafe? SimpliSafe: Home Security Systems
  8. TechBill

    Another reason not to use Ring

    Amazon's Ring gave police statistics about users who refused law enforcement requests
  9. TechBill

    IDMSS 4.70.001 Playback issue

    Is anyone using IVS notifications alert (now called messages) and after you open the alert then hit playback - does it playback the opposite daytime hour of the alert time? Like you get an alert at 3:15 PM then hit playback and it play back you the 3:15 AM recording. (Notice the AM) I am...
  10. TechBill

    iDMSS 4.50,000

    It got a new GUI interface. Alarm manager completely changed so I am not sure how to set it up now since it seem to only offer motion detect. If anyone learn how to set up IVS, please share on here how it done. The preview seem to load quicker now with the latest NVR firmware and you can now...
  11. TechBill

    Apple Homekit

    I am watching Apple live stream today and there is a major changes coming to the Apple Homekit using home security cameras. Some few highlights, all video analysis are done on local home computer or iPad. It will determine if it a person, pet or a left falling etc. Cloud storage still offered...
  12. TechBill

    Ooppss, Folks can't get into the house or turn on A/C thanks to Google

    Whoops ... That major Google outage meant some Nest users couldn’t unlock doors or use the AC
  13. TechBill

    iDMSS 4.41.000 released

    I just noticed that my iDMSS Plus has been upgraded to 4.41.000 but I haven't gotten a chance to test it fully yet.
  14. TechBill

    San Francisco is first US city to ban facial recognition

    On the news
  15. TechBill

    Ring will be Apple HomeKit certified soon

    read Amazon’s Ring may soon release doorbell and camera HomeKit support after years of promises
  16. TechBill

    Coming soon at your police station ....

    We're not too far off from our first Terminator :wow:
  17. TechBill

    Internet Explorer coming back soon ....... in Edge .....

    Check this article out ... Microsoft debuts Internet Explorer mode for Edge at Build 2019 Many companies are still in the stone age .. doh!
  18. TechBill

    An interesting article

    Here an interesting article Be careful where you point those doorbell security cameras At the end of article you will notice where it says: The Ring company, which has a video doorbell, recently filed a patent to put its facial recognition identification software into the doorbells. This...
  19. TechBill

    Arrest again 15 minutes after being released from jail

    The jail food must been so good that he couldn't wait to go back to it. Minutes after being released from jail, a Florida man was arrested in the jail's parking lot for breaking into cars - CNN
  20. TechBill

    Head up on Dahua's newest firmwares

    I managed to brick one of my camera last night trying to update it with the newest firmware but probably at my own fault. Dahua recent firmware had some changes to it. Dahua finally eliminated the need for a web plugin to view using the built in web GUI viewer which is awesome! Also, when you...
  21. TechBill

    Another night-wannabe camera

    This pop up across my browser while surfing .... Ultra Intensifier®
  22. TechBill

    Whoops Google .....

    Uh oh .. bad move by Google ... Google admits it didn’t tell Nest users about built-in mic, but was 'never intended to be secret'
  23. TechBill

    From the News - Porch pirate steal boy's chemotherapy medicine

    It's a sad world when folks start stealing meds that kids depend on to survive. Nevada porch pirate steals 14-year-old boy's chemotherapy medicine
  24. TechBill

    Security drone

    Interesting reading ... Sunflower Labs' home security drones will become as common as Uber cars in San Francisco, CEO says
  25. TechBill

    iDMSS (4.30.001) new features

    I noticed two new features on the iDMSS which can be found in the Settings -> General Disable Auto Play when not connect wifi and remember the last live preview channel setting. I like the new setting called "Memory Play" it load all the channel in live preview that you had it last set...
  26. TechBill

    IDMSS missing or not opening?

    Your iDMSS is not opening or you are not finding it in App store? Read at the near bottom of this thread DAHUA NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V3.216.0000002.0.R.20181106
  27. TechBill

    Trigger PTZ from a different camera IVS

    Is it possible to set up on Dahua NVR52xxx to command PTZ cam to turn and focus at another cam view when other cam IVS is tripped? I am just wondering is one cam IVS alarm can be sent to a PTZ alarm input on NVR setup?
  28. TechBill

    PTZ SD50225U-HNI len going inside shroud instead of slotted area

    I just received an text from a friend whom purchased a PTZ SD50225U-HNI. He hooked it up and when he use the PTZ function the camera len would not move up and down in the slotted area of the shroud where instead it seem to move opposite way burying itself inside the shroud. Almost if it was...
  29. TechBill

    Where the FAQ for newbie

    One of my friend is asking a bunch of questions about Secuirty cams and I was going to send him a link on Dahua FAQ I thought it was one of the pinned post and search result yeild nothing. Can someone pasted the link or point me to the right direction please Thank you Bill