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    How to find protected clips.

    Is their an easy way to find just protected or flagged clips in BI5 ?
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    H264 / H265 unable to view

    Bit of a strange one here. I have a camera set on H265, hardware accelerated decode is set to NO. In 2 of my profiles for the camera I had not set it as direct to disk by accident and they were set as re-encode with H264.... One profile was accidently set to record to New which is D:\New In...
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    Copy profile from one to another

    Is their a way that I can copy my number 6 profile to my number 7 in BI5 ? I can't find anything in the help file.
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    loosing and resoring signal every 2 hours

    I’m not sure as to why this has recently started happening but it only happens to 4 of my cameras which are all the same brand. Panasonic WV-SP306. My other cameras are fine. It’s pretty well every 2 hours. I’ve had these many years and they have always been ok. If I close and restart BI the...
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    PTZ fails after firmware update

    I have a Chinese camera with model number NM4RT-20718A on the label on the outside. It did an automatic firmware upgrade and the PTZ stopped working immediately. The seller won't help and I did initially get some help from the manufacturer but that's now stopped. I know the motors etc are OK...
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    Port forward to ip cam to diagnose fault

    I have a Chinese IP camera with a faulty PTZ and to help with sorting the fault remotely I want to port forward to the camera temporarily. I have a static ip address so I set up forwarding xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8084 to forward to the camera web server on 80 at The forward brings up...
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    Stunnel and AVG antivirus

    I'm trying to use stunnel and have installed it but keep getting the following error. [ ] Binding service [BlueIris] [ ] Listening file descriptor created (FD=548) [ ] Setting accept socket options (FD=548) [ ] Option SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE set on accept socket [.] Binding service [BlueIris]...