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    Application Chart of all Dahua Cameras, mounts & Accessories

    I just came across this detailed Dahua application chart that lists all the Dahua cameras, what mounts to use and accessories. Complete with part numbers..
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    Purpose of camera micro sd card?

    I'm new to security camera world. I will be putting a Dahua system together with a mix of Turret starlight camera and an NVR. I would like to know what is the purpose of a micro sd card in the cameras and what is it use for? Can you use the cameras without them?
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    NVR PoE question.

    I have a question about NVR PoE ports. I have been reading the spec on different NVR's with PoE. They all list the Total PoE Wattage output and the max Wattage per port. I don't see any voltage ratings. Some cameras are 12v and some are 24v. Does the NVR automatically supply the correct voltage...
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    Hi, Sorry this is a little long...I would like to start a Lorex thread to get feed back from anyone who has a Lorex system installed and how they like it and post some video footage from your cameras. I am new to the forum and surveillance camera systems. I am looking to install a outdoor...