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    NVR4104HS, how to make cam get detected?

    That's a weird firewall rule to block the cams itself, but I'm happy you sorted it out on your own ;-) Happy Camming! CC
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    Looking for Some Direction/Recommendation

    Welcome to IPCT! :) Not to blow you away: More specifically: Happy reading :p CC
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    NVR4104HS, how to make cam get detected?

    Have a look at this: (random youtube video showing the "search for camera") Does this help? CC
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    NVR4104HS, how to make cam get detected?

    Hello there! Couple of things which are unclear: how are you connecting to your NVR? Are you working on local screen? (that is the easiest way). How is your camera connected (eg on POE port, eg through your LAN)? How did you "search" for your camera? What I would suggest: factory reset the...
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    Dahua VTO 2111 push notification not working on iOS devices (iphone, ipad)

    See your other posting in the VTO2111 thread.
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    Dahua Gdmss push nofication problem. Need help

    Hi, I ran into similar issues when I took iCloud to save settings and migrate from one iphone to another (same type) iphone. Although some settings did came through, I deleted everything and started over from a brand new iDMSS installation. Then all worked well. Can you try this (uninstall -...
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    Dahua NVR5XXX-4KS2 no longer flagging IVS events in playback timeline

    I experienced something similar back in the days when I was fiddling around (read: "optimizing"). At one moment in time, the configurations from the NVR screens weren't properly synchronised with the camera itself. Even in the latest GUI4.0 of this NVR5xxx, if I select "mail option at IVS", that...
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    Help with mobile app

    Sure thing! First off, it is a GOOD thing that your cams don't work when you are out of the office. That means that your cams are not (simply) exposed to the internet! +1 for that, because port forwarding etc are no-go. Secondly, what you need, is that your phone thinks it is on your local...
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    New 5208-8P-4KS2E w/ NVR 4.0 GUI questions

    Have a look at @bigredfish explanation and especially this image: There is indeed absolutely no IE icon, especially not in the "WEB Brow" column ;-) Good luck! CC
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    New 5208-8P-4KS2E w/ NVR 4.0 GUI questions

    Remember earlier? I adviced you to stick to the 10.x range given by the NVR, and press the Icon next to it. Configure the camera through that webbrowser and all should be good. Then configure recording 24/7/IVS/... as usual on the NVR. Good luck! CC
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    New 5208-8P-4KS2E w/ NVR 4.0 GUI questions

    SmartPSS is sometimes running "behind" the camera firmwares. Hence my tip to configure the cam by itself, and not through the NVR & SmartPSS. Regarding your issue: why would you "uninitialize" or even "modify IP" when the camera is connected to a POE port of your NVR? Let it handle the IPs and...
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    New 5208-8P-4KS2E w/ NVR 4.0 GUI questions

    It should work when configuring in the cam itself. If you don't have these options available in the cam, there might be something else wrong.
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    New 5208-8P-4KS2E w/ NVR 4.0 GUI questions

    Couple of things (tips): maybe you saw version 4.0 firmware for the cam (and not the NVR)? each "new" cam automagically falls into that .108 IP (colliding with everything else which you power-on). The good news is: if you connect a brand new cam onto an NVR, it gets automagically configured by...
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    New 5208-8P-4KS2E w/ NVR 4.0 GUI questions

    It might (or might not) be the case that these settings are not (yet) exposed to that NVR's gui. What I suggest: go to the webservices interface (http://ip-of-your-NVR), press top-left menu, choose camera's, and press the IE icon next to your deterrence cam. Configure the cam with tripwires...
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    IP bird camera on a webpage

    Please consult the wiki, especially on the topic of port forwarding. You're camera will be hacked. Do not port forward. Please! The birds will thank you! :D CC
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    NVR5216-16P-I configuration with perimeter protection

    Salut Laurent, are these screenshots from your NVR or your IPC? It looks like NVR but I'm not 100% sure. So what I would suggest: forget about the NVR in the first place, go to the same setting on your IPC itself. To my understanding, an AI NVR can not replace the intelligence of AI in the cam...
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    6 , IP Cam in one place & NVR is in another place. How can I connect this all

    Affirmative, but if you want to work with an NVR, can't you install an NVR (with hard drives) in location 1, next to the cameras for "high resolution" recording and a "dummy" NVR in location 2 for "low resolution" monitor playback. If you need a high resolution stream playback/recording, you can...
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    I read the guide and wiki and still have questions. Dahua camera selection help.

    I fully agree with all the great options/alternatives offered, but one seems missing ;-) It does take a bit of work to pull the wires (under/next to your driveway), yet your mailbox is a perfect spot for a hidden cam to monitor your full house. It won't be good to identify the guy getting out of...
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    6 , IP Cam in one place & NVR is in another place. How can I connect this all

    It is a good starting point having 2 real IPs, never knew there were fake IPs on the internet ;-) What are your options: 1) install the "real" NVR onsite, next to each camera, let it record the main streams and substreams 2) install a "dummy" NVR next to your monitor, and let it connect to the...
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    Loud hard drive noises once a week, whats it doing ?

    Couple of things you can check: Then you can at least indicate which process this is causing (might be your antivirus, disk defragmentation, ... ) Good luck! CC
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    4.0 AI version NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.000.0000001.2.R.20191101

    What are your options: factory reset the device: did this solve the issue? factory reset the device and re-apply the firmware file: did this solve the issue? factory reset the device and reload the previous firmware file: did this solve the issue? repeat the previous 3 steps with all cams...
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    Dahua camera System Service settings

    No worries, I did intentionally park a Smiley at the end of my sneaky attack ;-) Dahua might better call these settings "advanced settings", although SSH and multicast are just (operating) system settings on the camera itself. The advanced terminology might scare of uneducated people more than...
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    New setup, x8 cam + NVR

    On the question regarding BI versus NVR: all depends what you really want. It's like choosing for an automatic car versus a manual. It's a matter of taste, desirability to tweak and maintain. There is no "ultimate", as each platform has its pro's and cons (to give one: BI has a mobile app yet...
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    Dahua camera System Service settings

    Haai! For a user with such a high post count, I find these kind of posts are nominated for the Google Search Awards in 2020 :-) 1. SSH means SecureShell -> this provides one way to "login" on your camera and run (for example) commands and limited control functionality. Default = off and...
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    Dahua NVR 4KS vs 4KS2?

    For what it is worth: not all (ebay) sellers mention the CORRECT type of any Dahua NVR. Even without the "8P" in the "title" you need to validate the specifications to see how many POE ports are available yes, E stands for ePOE 4KS vs 4KS2 --> new version, when I ordered, I couldn't even order...
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    What about managed switches for vlan?

    I agree with the previous posts. If you can "manage" your own core router (or to name it like Ubiquity's "EdgeRouter" model), you can easily switch providers or even better: you can create redundant ISP uplinks if you want to (eg with an Android phone, you can "upgrade" your ASUS router to dial...
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    Accidently factory reset my "DHI-NVR408-8P-4KS2" via configtool and now unable to log in...

    Glad to hear you fixed it! Keep up the good work! CC
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    Blocking camera from phoning home - recommended for initial setup?

    "Security by obscurity" was a common technique, but I personally would never advice your non-existing-gateway strategy. There are known network devices (eg IoT's) which spawn new (virtual) network devices with "common gateway" addresses and probe those. It's not that if you don't see it, it is...
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    IPC-HFW5231E-Z12E preset (ptz) help

    Day / night switch does not "wear" the camera, it's the mechanical motor which is not designed to last for 24/7 movement activity. I don't think these varifocal exists more than 5-10 years to make a scientific deduction if 24/7 motor activity could have a negative impact. If I was you, and had...
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    Long answer: if you want ANY traffic from the internet to your internal LAN, you need somewhere somehow an "open" port. We all know (hence this VPN topic) that port forwarding an sich is a real open door, with all its disadvantages (especially if the underlying system is not 100% "internetproof"...