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  1. bp2008

    Next-door child 10 seconds from getting run over by other neighbor

    Keep fighting the good fight, @area651. A lot of people refuse to accept it can happen to them too. Everyone I know aside from my mother, in fact.
  2. bp2008

    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Yep. My brother and I were a bit out of commission on Saturday due to getting the flu (at least we hope SARS-CoV-2 hasn't made it to Wyoming yet). The symptoms are pretty similar so you never know how many cases will be misdiagnosed, professionally or otherwise. (we haven't been to the doctor)
  3. bp2008

    What kind of video recording system do really large buildings use?

    There are whole companies --- almost whole industries --- that would cease to exist if large businesses bought what was most cost-effective. ;) To be fair, they could have gotten the system a long time ago when the Chinese options weren't as good.
  4. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    Hey @Lucasl2a, Those error messages mean that when UI3 tried to download its script files, Blue Iris rejected the requests by redirecting to login. People have had this exact symptom before but either never figured out what is wrong or just never reported back to tell me. So I have never...
  5. bp2008

    JPEG Posting Issue

    In the FTP server configuration in Blue Iris, have you got a reasonable number for the Idle disconnect and Max connections values?
  6. bp2008


    That is odd. Maybe someone else knows why it would do that.
  7. bp2008

    UI3-exported video missing overlay...

    I love birdhouse cams. Great way to hide them.
  8. bp2008

    UI3-exported video missing overlay...

    Yes, since the camera sends the stream "sideways", that is how it got recorded. Blue Iris can only fix it by re-encoding the video. I have an unfortunate cam that stops responding after a couple hours if I have it do the rotation in firmware (Dahua, shame on Dahua) so similar to you I had to...
  9. bp2008

    UI3-exported video missing overlay...

    Hey @pozzello Thanks for this report. I will admit, I did not test the overlay flag when Ken and I were implementing this feature. Upon testing now, I see that Blue Iris is treating true as false and false as true. I will let Ken know. In the meantime, try exporting with the overlay...
  10. bp2008

    Blueiris 5 memory leak

    Correct. An often-overlooked fact is you can click any of those records and get much more extensive detail and precision.
  11. bp2008


    Look in the context menu (right-click) for options about the desktop frame.
  12. bp2008

    Common issues with camera image

    Amazing work here @wopi82. Just one comment on the keyframe pulsing. The image quality doesn't always get worse between i-frames. Sometimes it gets better. It depends on the encoder and its internal tuning. I wrote a little wiki page on it last year which goes into greater depth, although...
  13. bp2008

    Camera names and Short names all disappeared with last upgrade

    Have you tried restarting Blue Iris? (if it is running as a service and you don't know how to restart a service, then reboot PC).
  14. bp2008

    Net Time / Date off!

    Don't worry about overtaxing a time server you run yourself. It is a teeny tiny amount of work even when you multiply it by 33 cameras.
  15. bp2008

    no longer able to send web request

    Neat. Nice to know Windows is starting to include things like that.
  16. bp2008

    no longer able to send web request

    Don't forget, curl is not a program that is included in Windows. You guys should let Blue Iris support know about the bug.
  17. bp2008

    Drunk goes OVER a roundabout... REDNECK STYLE!

    For the video opportunity! Or to discourage doing exactly this. Who knows?
  18. bp2008

    Version 5 bugs and issues

    That definitely sounds like a bug. Only Blue Iris support can fix it.
  19. bp2008

    send Telegram notifications with pictures

    Computer programs are usually built from a whole lot of separate reusable pieces. A "dependency" is a piece that another piece depends on. The npm install command is nodejs's way of downloading all the pieces needed by your program so they are all available for your program to use. Anyway I...
  20. bp2008

    BlueIris on vmware ESXi

    Yep, silly Windows licensing restrictions. I typically set up all VMs in ESXi as 1 socket, many cores. Even if they are going to be linux VMs. As I understand it, there is no performance difference either way.
  21. bp2008

    Two part question.

    You would eat through a ton of bandwidth using a cellular modem. 3 Mbps for 8 hours is almost 11 gigabytes, and if the reason for using cellular is to make it faster, then you'll be using more than that. You would burn through all the "fast" data from an unlimited data plan in no time.
  22. bp2008

    UI3 setting for clip preview fast-forward speed

    No need to double-click. Sorry about the speed not being suitable for long clips, but it is just the nature of the beast. If I slow it down, it takes longer to preview the clip, and then all the inadequacies of the preview method start to matter a lot more (high CPU cost, poor frame rate, low...
  23. bp2008

    What is the suggested camera as of 2/20?

    Yes, although you may need to wait a little longer than usual to receive an order due to the virus in China slowing things down. Depends on the camera, especially if it isn't in stock. You can always ask him directly or check his amazon store and buy the ones that are in stock with prime...
  24. bp2008

    UI3 setting for clip preview fast-forward speed

    It does not display every 8th frame. It shows you 8 frames, evenly spaced across the duration of the clip or alert item. For a 60 minute clip, the 8 preview frames will be at these timestamps: 1. 0s 2. 7m30s 3. 15m 4. 22m30s 5. 30m 6. 37m30s 7. 45m 8. 52m30s And then it loops back to the...
  25. bp2008

    how do I determine the appropriate bit rate and frame rate

    Look at this PDF. It has tables of suggested bit rates for all the common resolutions, frame rates, and video codecs. Personally I prefer to set the bit rates a lot higher, like for a 1080p cam at 15 FPS I will even do 4000 or 6000 Kbps while the PDF only recommends 2000 Kbps. It just delivers...
  26. bp2008

    UI3 setting for clip preview fast-forward speed

    That isn't a set speed really, it just gives you 8 frames evenly spaced through the alert/clip, then repeats.
  27. bp2008

    Moisture trap every morning ?

    I have had water get into my dahua bullet of similar design, several times actually. I ended up moving it to a slightly more sheltered location. If a lot of water gets in, you should open the SD card door at the bottom to let some drain out before you take the camera down. But to open it up...
  28. bp2008

    Two part question.

    1. In Blue Iris camera properties, Record tab, change the Video dropdown to "Continuous". 2. Only if you have a fast network connection between your home and your food truck.
  29. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    Yes and no. UI3 only does one stream at a time. For group views, Blue Iris combines multiple camera views into one stream. There is no limit to the number of cameras you can have in a group stream (although Blue Iris itself does have a limit of 64 cameras).