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    New BrickerBot malware intentionally bricks unprotected IoT devices

    Folks - be extremely careful with uPnP and port forwarding, and understand exactly which ports you have open to the internet. There is apparently a new bot similar to Mirai who's only goal is to intentionally brick your devices. Sometimes the changes are permanent. See the article below: New...
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    Dahua responds to IoT attack - offers replacement discounts Here is an article that describes the vulnerability in more detail:
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    How to find mobile DeviceID

    How do you find out what a device's "deviceid" is for BI? I have 2 iphones and 2 ipads registered to the server and I only want to have a push go out to one device. Is there a way to tell which device is which? I looked in the help first and the section on this was very brief. There was a...
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    Defragment storage on BI system

    How often do you guys defragment the HDD on your Blue Iris system? I have a 250gb SSD for the OS and BI app, and a 4TB WD Purple drive for the new and storage clips. The WD drive shows 30% fragmentation often. Is it something to be concerned with given the use case? Would I get any benefit...
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    BI mobile app and VPN - issues connecting

    I have been using BI mobile with my iphone and it works fine from my local network. Today I set up an OpenVPN server and am having trouble connecting to the BI server from the app. When I launch the OpenVPN client on my iphone, I can ping the BI server, scan port 81 to show it's open, and open...
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    Tips for mounting turret under eve on soffit

    Does anyone have any tips and/or tricks to mount a turret camera on the soffit? I've tried searching and only found a few references of it. My soffit is actually a vent, so it is open above where I plan to route the wires. The soffit itself is made of vinyl and is quite flimsy. Do you mount...
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    Mixed LTS and HIK equipment

    From what I read, it is ok to mix LTS and hikvision cameras/NVR because LTS is rebranded hikvision. My plan is to build a BI server and get one or two cameras to start learning on. I want to have a back out plan in case I have trouble with BI. I'm really nervous about the reliability of a...
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    Oh great - another obsession!

    Greetings from Northeast PA! I started off with a potential $3k Lorex system and ended up on this wonderful site looking at NVR's. After lurking for a while, I believe I have set on a BI build (ordered the Optiplex 5040 i7-6700 from ebay). I like to tinker with things and I'm thinking BI will...