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  1. Terri Underhill

    Great horned owl nesting again!

    My owls are nesting again this winter. I replaced my cat 5 cable with cat 8 with hopes of the camera staying on line but for some reason after about thirty minutes I can't get into the Smart PSS or the Config tool program. It shows the camera as being off line even though I can still watch it on...
  2. Terri Underhill

    Need an application that will allow me to stream without using IP Cam Live

    I have a Dahua SD49225T-HN 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera . My great horned owls are coming to their nesting barrel again this year and I'd like to stream without using IP Cam Live. I want to display the video on my wordpress web page. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated...
  3. Terri Underhill

    Camera on great horned owl nest

    Hi, I'd like to get a camera to watch my owl babies in their nest. I need a weatherproof camera with a 10x zoom. I want night vision and audio also. I can run it through my attic and to my router if needed. I'd appreciate all suggestions. I attached a photo of two baby barred owls from 2017. I...