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  1. CountZero

    Dahua NVR question

    I have an NVR that was purchased from a US dealer via eBay before I found this site and started buying direct from Andy. The model number on the label is nvr402h-16 which comes back to WinicTech, however all of the branding on all the screens is standard Dahua. It was advertised and sold as...
  2. CountZero

    PTZ location recommendation needed.

    I've gotten to the point where I'm pretty happy with my installed cameras and locations. I've got all the entry points to the house covered with fixed Starlight units, and they are working well. (Dahua 5231R-Z Varifocal units.) My intent with the cameras was to cover all the entry points to...
  3. CountZero

    Virus warning on the NVR

    I have a Dahua NVR-4108P and its been working well plugged directly into a monitor. I hit the IP address today through a browser to see if I could get things set up to access it via my VPN tunnel and I'm running into problems. When I first hit the page, its asking me to install the plugins. I...
  4. CountZero

    Newbie seeking positioning advice

    Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum. I'm planning on using Dahua cameras, so this seemed the logical place to put it. I'm working on a layout to cover the exterior of my house, and I'm running into a couple of areas where I'd really like some expert opinions. My house is single...
  5. CountZero

    New member.

    Hey there, I'm new to the system, and new to IP cameras in general. I'm in the process if setting up a small system for the house and learning as I go. I've wanted a system for a while now, but the technology hasn't been where I wanted it to be to jump in. I'm much happier with the tech...