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    Ethernet over coax question...

    OK, this is a dumb question, but I really just don't know the answer. My garage is about 70ft away from my house, and it has a coax cable running to it via direct burial (no conduit). I have no idea what the previous owner used it for. I bought a coax tester...
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    Dahua camera forgot password

    Soooo I'm a bonehead and I've forgotten my dahua camera password. It's an IPC-HFW5442-ASE-NI. Anyone know how to about resetting it? Is there a tool like the Hikvision Reset tool, or should I go about using the company's "forgot password" link?
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    Can't connect with the BI app

    Hey y'all. I need some help with setting up the BI app. I have a Galaxy S10 (if it mattters), and I've set up OpenVPN on my ASUS router. My phone and the router both show that the VPN is connected. In the app, I've gone into the edit page, entered in the license info, clicked "Get IPS" which...
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    BI app needs to port forward?

    I'm trying to set up the Blue Iris app on my Samsung S10. The wiki says to never port forward, but the BI app says it requires it. What's the proper way to set this up?
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    Powerline adapter with POE?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good powerline adapter with POE onboard? I have a detached garage (about 100ft away) that I'm going to mount a camera to, and I would really rather not have to run a cable out to it. Thanks. EDIT: Or is a powerline adapter with a pass-thru really my...
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    AXIS A8105-E

    Referencing the Axis A8105-E... what makes this thing worth the $700-800 they are asking for it?
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    Where to buy/not buy hard drives?

    Any recommendations on where to buy surveillance hard drives, or even where to stay away from?
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    Power consumption - NVR vs. PC with Blue Iris

    What are the power consumption differences between an NVR and your typical PC with Blue Iris? I understand that its going to vary greatly depending on the PC setup, but I am just wondering if a PC is going to draw a ton more wattage than an NVR.
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    Small and quiet PC for Blue Iris?

    I'm looking to setup my first camera system, and I think I've settled on a PC with Blue Iris. I'd like it not to be huge, obtrusive, or loud. Can anyone recommend a small and quiet PC brand/model/etc? Thanks.
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    NVR systems - Dahua or Hikvision...or other?

    Hi all, Long time lurker here. Question for all of you NVR experienced folks....which NVR brands do you prefer?