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    Firmware for SD49225T-HN??

    I have the following in my cam, but can't seem to update it: Device Type SD49225T-HN Software Version 2.422.0000.0.R.4.2510, Build Date: 2016-09-21 WEB Version ONVIF Version 2.4.2 PTZ Version 3.02.20.RHNZ I have tried Internet Explorer, firefox, chrome, dahua config tool and none...
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    Difference between UI3 and android app?

    Wondering if there is a difference between UI3 and the android app in the area of video decoding. So I'm having issue with h.264 video not playing smoothly in UI3 and wondering if the app does anything different from UI3. I assume it uses the same webserver for the source. I probably just don't...
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    Anyone try to set Macro Text via URL?

    Trying to do this: /admin?macro=x&text={text} Set macro number x=1-9 to value {text} but can't seem to get it to work. I am trying to get my own weather station to display over one of my cams. Right now I use BITools to do this, but would like to get it to show my own weather station. Using an...
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    Users Tab, Homepage. What is it and how to use?

    I'm trying to get BI setup to serve an image of one and only one of my cams. I have the URL and it works fine. It is for someone outside my house and I'm trying to keep bandwidth consumption down. I was setting up a new user for them and noticed the "homepage" box at the bottom of the window. I...
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    BI filled hdd and stopped recording

    Not sure what I screwed up, but I am missing something here. I started with the demo and then I was using a SSD for the install and a HDD for recording to. I got a larger HDD, added that to the PC and bought the full program. I am now seeing the HDD is full and it stopped recording. The bottom...
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    Motion detection at night?

    I'm a few days into the demo version of BI and I'm having lots of trouble with motion detection. I'm trying to do zone crossing because of trees and shadows and sunlight in the summer. Drives us nuts on those days, but we like to know if someone comes up the driveway. Very little hit and a lot...