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    Motion Pixelization (green blocks)

    Hi all, I have been running BI for a few years now since v3.x and enjoy the product, excellent bang for the buck. I'm running: BI x64 on Windows Server 2008 r2 48 gig ram, dual Xeon x5550 2.67Ghz processors with 8 cores/threads each SSD OS and program drive on the motherboard, all...
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    Will a better graphics adapter help my dedicated BI machine?

    I use a dedicated pc to run BI - as a service. I do not use it to constantly monitor live action, more to record clips of detected motion. With an Intel Q9650 8 gigs ram, 7 Pro, ssd os and program drive, spinning drive for video storage, gigabit network - I am running 14 cameras, all 720 or...
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    BI Status Button - Connections Tab - Clear Button Does Not Work

    Am I missing something, or should I be able to clear the list of connections (minus any active connections) by hitting the Clear button at the bottom of the screen? Yes this is my only complaint running 13 cams for about 9 months on BI Software :)