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    Zoneminder Newest VERs easy to install and setup

    I've been using Zoneminder since 2005. And as most people will tell you it has not been "Plug&Play" I've been updating a few of my Zoneminder systems to the latest stable VERs. It was so easy I thought I'd do a post on it. The 1.34.xx vers really surprised me with the very low CPU usage and WAY...
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    Backup UPS for NVR5416-4ks

    Anyone know if Dahua NVRs need pure sign wave UPS ? Would hate to pop it, this one wasn't cheap.
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    IPC-HDBW5231E-ZE VERS is this a proprietary camera ?

    I just bought 14 from Andy, to use with the NVR5416-4KS. right Before I saw someone mention to be careful not to get the E version. Will they work with the NVR I bought ? Edit: They did not get bought yet, my friend that was supposed to pull the trigger on them got busy. Still wondering if...