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    Can't update: BlueIris.chm failed

    I am having difficulty upgrading Blue Iris from x64 to the current version ( Was having this same difficulty earlier in the week (before was posted), so I don't think it is a problem with the actual update file. I am running Blue Iris Update Helper. When I click on...
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    Layout Question

    I searched on "camera layout" but didn't see an answer to this question. I have 14 cameras and use 1:3 4-up for my Layout. Can I select which 4 cameras will be enlarged in the 4-up layout? Whenever I try to "drag" a camera to the 4-up layout, it simply selects that camera. I do have one of...
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    IPC-HDBW2320RP-ZS Problem: Can't Connect

    I recently purchased the IPC-HDBW2320RO-ZS, installed it, and tuned the lens. I then unplugged the Ethernet cable and later plugged it back in. BI lost the signal. Am not able to detect it in Config Tool (on default IP address or any others). The cable and POE injector is fine (I tried it with...
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    Setting up a VPN: FiOS Actiontec Router; Win10

    Given Nayr’s excellent “VPN Primer for Noobs” manifesto, I want to forego my earlier planned port forwarding approach and implement a VPN solution (thus reducing the amount of port forwarding). Am looking for any pointers on what I am planning. I hope this is the most appropriate forum to post...
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    Switch Advice (16 POE, 8 non-POE, unmanaged, Gigabit, not loud)

    First time post. This forum has been very helpful. I'm putting together a system for home surveillance. I purchased a Dell OptiPlex MT 5040 i7-6700 via eBay based on helpful recommendations on this forum. Will install a 240 Gb SSD drive and 16 Gb of memory. I plan to purchase Blue Iris as well...