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  1. Gray Connolly

    red x in my toolbar icon

    can someone enlighten me as why my Blue Iris icon in the toolbar has a red x in it???. The only thing I think of is that I have basic subscription. it has only been the last couple of weeks that I have noticed. Cheers in advance
  2. Gray Connolly

    Retrieving a video clip

    Hi there I have been using Blue Iris for quite a while but I am stumped on what may be a simple answer. My blue Iris is default installed on windows 10 For example: My camera picked up movement and I wish to retrieve the clip of it and save to a usb stick. For the life of me I cannot do that...
  3. Gray Connolly

    Task Bar Pop Up Notification

    Any chance this could be implemented in some way so that there is a popup notification from the bottom right of screen of laptop or computer, perhaps with a mini camera shot to show when a camera is activated. It could be placed in the actions section with a tick box.
  4. Gray Connolly

    Blue Iris CPU Spiking

    Not being critical of this wonderful programme, but I have noticed my CPU has been spiking alot since last few updates. Any reasons for this that is known??. Better still is there a fix?? LOL
  5. Gray Connolly

    IP Notifier

    Hi there Is it possible for you guys to include an IP Notifier in BI Tools , that can email you when your IP Changes. This would be great for the App in that if you are out and about, it will email you and let you know that your IP has changed, allowing you to reset the app. Currently you...
  6. Gray Connolly

    Changing Interface name on Apple App

    Hi there Can someone tell me how to change the BI App login (Server Name) name for my Apple App. For example I have 2 logins that I currently use on the App but wish to change the names of them to suit my needs, currently I have them both named home. I cannot recall how to rename them. Thanks...
  7. Gray Connolly

    Auto Start Up with windows

    I for the life of me cannot get Blue Iris to start automatically with Windows 10. In the Blue Iris settings I have ticked run as a windows service. I always have to click on the shortcut on desktop and then that dialogue box opens asking if I would allow Blue Iris to make changes to this...
  8. Gray Connolly

    Cannot remove Macro Overlay

    Hi as the title suggests I have included a screenshot of the overlays. Camera 1 top left. I am happy with the one bottom centre but in middle of screen the green temperature one will not delete. I have looked at the help file and the hand gesture will not come up for me to delete it...
  9. Gray Connolly

    BI Tools Crashes when trying to add weatherstation

    Hi as the titles suggests, I have downloaded tools and chosen a whether station, but what do I do then,?? What I mean is how do I save the weather station so that it shows in BI tools?? I have clicked on the BI Web Server button but it crashes the programme. Sorry for my stupidity but I am not...
  10. Gray Connolly

    Feature Request - Popup detection notification

    I have mentioned this to support already but a nifty little add on for notifications of motion detection would be to have a small popup window to open with a snapshot on the bottom right of screen from the toolbar. I found using this Logitech Alert feature was a real bonus.:)