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    Update to here and BI doesn't start.

    I undated from to and BI didn't fire up, some error message about corrupt Program Files. This was about 2 hours ago. I first use W10 apt repair using the BI Wizard but it just stalled, I gave it over 30 minutes and nothing moved. I downloaded from IPCT here, ran it and...
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    Updating to latest BI and I lose a week of clips and Alerts-SOLVED

    I've been back on (1st August 2022) for perhaps 2 weeks after a previous update messed with the "All Clips", as accessed from the green filing cabinet, it was all black blank. Still making no effective progress with Code Project AI to work, I decided to update BI to With BI...
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    Hikvision PTZ firmware update removes auto-tracking deliberately, why?

    Following a post on IPCT about cybersecurity I followed a Hikvision link to check for firmware updates, I've got two Hikvision PTZ cameras that presumably they want me to update the firmware, a DS-2DE4A425IW-DE 4 MP PTZ which is in service and as a spare a DS-2DE4A225IW-DE 2MP PTZ. As far as I...
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    Position of video clips In BI down the left side or the down on the right side - Solved

    As if in a flash with some trick of my mouse movement my list of video clips has moved from the left side of the BI display to down the right side. How do I move them back to a position that I have been familiar with, down on the left side please? Edit: solved, a double click on the clip list...
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    Alert clips have white circle with bar icon, also on time line

    My alert clips have in the top right hand corner an icon, a white circle with a bar, like a no entry sign. This also appears at the top of the blue verticals on the Alerts time line. Searches through BI help and Google do not provide any answers for this icon's appearance. What is the meaning of...
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    BI crashes, what camera settings does BI like, and does not like?

    Does Blue Iris have certain specifications of what video feed it receives from a camera, above which it complains with indigestion by crashing Blue Iris? The BI administrator, you, is then required to scale back the video feed BI receives from a camera to stop BI crashing. I perceive a trend as...
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    Blue Iris with AI but which one though?

    With DeepStack apparently now deprecated in Blue Iris, leading to some users of DeepStack being reluctant to update to newer versions of BI, what then is the received wisdom on IPCT about what AI software might be reasonable to replace DeepStack with in Blue Iris? It seems like there is a...
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    Blue Iris and Dahua PTZ protocols

    This is no big issue here, I am just curious about Dahua PTZ protocols under Blue Iris. I've one Dahua varifocal and 3 Dahua PTZs. My new 4MP mini PTZ though needed the selection of a different protocol in configuration which I did not expect. Dahua 2MP Varifocal Turret DH-IPC-HDW5231RP-ZE...
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    Ubuntu, Wine, Pale Moon, ONVIF Device Manager, working with Hik NVR

    This information may be of use to other Linux users with an interest in CCTV. Until last week I had working Pale Moon and ONVIF Manger under Wine to access my Hikvision NVR, a DS7608NI-K2 8P on series 3 firmware. Looking back I am thinking it was an update to Wine that screwed things up. To...
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    Deepstack GPU W10 Blue Iris Nvidia T600 now working, a driver issue

    Today I consider I have got my Nvidia T600 finally working properly with Deepstack Windows GPU version. I had been running Deepstack CPU version for several months with analyses taking around 340ms. Looking for an improvement 3 weeks ago I fitted a PNY Nvidia T600 into the HP SSF PC that I use...
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    DeepStack processing speed with Blue Iris?

    What is considered an acceptable performance speed from CPU or GPU processing that DeepStack requires to process images after camera Trigger events? Whilst we might all want it to be instantaneous with a mega fast GPU, but in the real world what would be an acceptable speed? I'd say it's a...
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    Should I have a graphics card for DeepStack or is onboard graphics good enough?

    I have no added graphics card, I've an HP SSF PC with an Intel i7-7700 CPU with the onboard Intel HD Graphics 630. I've 7 cameras which here is almost enough, an 8th camera is a vague possibly for next year. The average Mega p for my 7 cameras is around 2.7Mp. Current CPU load is mostly under...
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    Specifics please, current Dahua PTZ firmware upgrades, good or bad?

    I'm uncertain if it is currently wise to upgrade the firmware on a Dahua large PTZ camera. There has been suggestions on IPCT that though you might gain some security enhancements, additionally too delivered is no need for a browser plugin to view the live video stream, but you lose in the...
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    Roll of PTFE tape with a Dahua PTZ, why?

    Why has the installation kit for a Dahua PTZ camera come with a roll of PTFE tape? It's almost like the sort I would use to seal plumbing threads . I say almost because it's rather thinner than normal rolls of PTFE tape I've already got. The camera came with a bracket that's not threaded. I...
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    Lightening Bolts fasteners available in UK, in the USA too? Living In the UK I first came across these useful fasteners in a local builders merchant, they are an alternative to the normal expanding bolts that often...
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    Windows 11 starting to appear on the horizon I'm an on-off Windows Insider so may be offered to run W11 before it's goes full time, on a PC that I don't use for BI. I'd be interested to read of folks views of W11, and additionaly any likely issue...
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    Blue Iris digital zoom issue

    On my 3x3 BI display if without a double click I select one of the camera's video feeds just by placing the mouse pointer over that camera and not double clicking, I can use the scroll wheel to zoom in and move to which part of zoomed in image to have a closer look at. All this seems normal. If...
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    Double left click no longer enlarges a chosen camera's view

    I'm just back from a few days holiday, BI on x64 (30/5/2021), a double left click doesn't enlarge a chosen camera's view as it did before, instead at the top the word "Paused" appears in place of the camera number that BI has given to the camera. Have I missed something and there's a way...
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    Dahua PTZ DH-SD50225U-HNI should audio over IP be available?

    I'm in the process of commissioning this camera before it's mounted outside at the rear of the property, this camera it looking like it's a no for audio over IP. Manufactured in 2017-07 the camera has audio in and out wires which I assume are analogue. BI hasn't found IP audio, neither did VLC...
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    New to me Dahua camera already initialised

    Some while ago, probably 2018 I bought a Dahua PTZ DH-SD50225U-HNI probably on eBay UK. Everything checks out as new and unused, the label on the box, camera manufactured in 7/2017, properly packed and all appropriate accessories. I'm now getting round to installing it at the rear of our...
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    CCTV, any need for cooling on NVMe memory?

    My HP EliteDesk SFF W10 BI manages 6 cameras ( perhaps 2 more added later this year) has CPU load often less then 15% (thanks to me overcoming HP's grip on my Intel graphic driver install process). I seem to remember adding a thermal conductive pad between the NVMe and the mobo, all sorted then...
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    Do you have a PTZ autotracking camera, good or useless?

    Despite the received wisdom on here that PTZ, and PTZ's cameras with auto tracking aren't being recommended, nevertheless does any member include one of these auto-tracking PTZ cameras in their CCTV system and use one successfully, dare I say it recommend to others on here a camera with this...
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    How do I Zoom to a part of a camera's field of view?

    Not been on here for a while, BI has been working and what with other things etc. You'll understand. If I use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in, that's all I get, zooming into the center. Shouldn't I then be able move to the left or right, using the left mouse button depressed? Obviously I can...
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    Rain causing triggering in Blue Iris, sounds familiar? What did you do?

    What settings have you used to prevent rain causing triggering in Blue Iris, whilst having settings sensitive enough to respond to significant events?
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    Choppy audio and video caused by plug in TP-Link mains LAN

    This problem was sorted, my post is for information should anyone else experience something similar. This morning both audio and video on my BI PC was choppy, audio sounded like a loose microphone lead, video choppy too. Cars passing the front of my house appeared freeze then to suddenly jump...
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    I've got 4 switches connected to my router-modem, looking in the router log I see many notices reporting IGMP traffic. I assume this is normal, a requirement to optimize network traffic within a CCTV installation. Will someone please confirm my assumption.
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    Hikvision NVR here with an IP of 192.168.2.xx

    Where did my NVR's extra IP address come from? Currently I run successfully both a Blue Iris PC and Hikvision DS-7608NI-K/8P NVR. The NVR I configured with a standard static IP (192.168.1.xx) to allow a LAN connection to my router, and for the cameras a second IP subnet (
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    Any suggestions for a cheap basic home CCTV system?

    A female friend is enthused at seeing my home cctv install and now wants cctv at her house. She doesn't have much money and I wouldn't be involved in any install, my only input is to offer some detached advice. She knows someone who is technically knowledgeable, not yet with CCTV. He would do...
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    BI, Setting a camera's default gateway, DNS and camera NIC questions

    Sooner or later I'll be getting my BI PC set up with its 2 NICs. No camera needs DNS configured, correct? No camera needs a default gateway set, correct? With my Hikvision cameras it looks like I can leave the default gateway blank. With my Dahua camera, blank isn't acceptable. It will...
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    My Firmware update DS-7608NI-K2/P and Dahua camera with Hikvision NVR issues

    From Hikvision's EU portal, I've just downloaded then updated the firmware on my Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/P NVR from V.3.4.103 build 181226, to V.3.4.106 build 190702 and all seemed to go well. As usual I haven't noticed any difference. RE Virtual Host, I would like to highlight what mike here...