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  1. Adamsdaddy

    Alternative to Yi, IPC360, , YI IoT, JAWA or CloudEdge apps?

    No I’m still stuck using multiple apps. Not such an issue with a newer phone but at the time I posted, I had an ancient iPhone 6.
  2. Adamsdaddy

    Looking for outdoor rated power supplies 12v
  3. Adamsdaddy

    Mounting a bullet camera to the right of an outside LED light (how to power it)

    @Kevin_Essiambre thank you for taking the time to offer your feedback. The light is switchable from inside the house. Normally it is left on 24/7 as the LED light has a daylight sensor. I installed the light 4 years ago so I don't recall if all three wires; black, white, red (switchable) were...
  4. Front door

    Front door

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  6. Adamsdaddy

    Mounting a bullet camera to the right of an outside LED light (how to power it)

    I have an LED light on the stucco wall on left side of my front door. It is hardwired (no bulb connection). I bought a wireless bullet camera (12 V) that I'd like to install pointing to the right (at the walk up to the front door) but I'm struggling with how to get power to the thing? The...
  7. Adamsdaddy

    Ethics of reviewing a camera provided free without disclosing it was received free

    I must be on a list. I just received an email from a Chinese seller on Amazon asking if I would review a remote controlled toy of some kind.
  8. Adamsdaddy

    Ethics of reviewing a camera provided free without disclosing it was received free

    About 1 1/2 months ago I was contacted by a new Amazon seller who had read my review of a Yi Home indoor camera and they wanted me to review their camera. They sent me via PayPal the cost of the camera plus an extra $5 (they didn't pay attention when I told them a coupon had lowered the price)...
  9. Adamsdaddy

    Alternative to Yi, IPC360, , YI IoT, JAWA or CloudEdge apps?

    I have 5 of the PTZ 1080 indoor cameras that I use to keep track of deliveries and what's going on with the dogs etc. Problem is I now have 5 different apps on my aging, out of space iPhone 6. Have any of you managed to get these camera to work through just one app and if so, what is it?
  10. Adamsdaddy

    Big Discount

    Now we just need Andy to buy another pack of 100 units. Come on Andy - do some shopping!
  11. Adamsdaddy

    Door alarm? Secure not easy to disable.

    My special needs 16 year old got picked up by Lyft at 3:30 am early Monday after climbing out the two story window. He and a friend went roaming around during the wee hours before being located by the sheriff's dept at the mall. I need a door alarm to make noise or send a notification to my...
  12. Adamsdaddy

    Ring alarm system still considered a reliable solution?

    Our Ring alarm has been in use since December. Can't seem to get the wife to arm it (or lock the front/back doors or lock her car) but that's not a Ring problem. It loses the connection every so often but I've not had it lose connection to wifi and cellular at the same time. I like having it...
  13. Adamsdaddy

    New Ring Alarm System 199

    I have two dogs: 20 lb and 40 boxer. No issues once I installed them as per the directions.
  14. Adamsdaddy

    New Ring Alarm System 199

    My house has two sets of double doors and a large window-all facing the backyard. Since smashing through the doors at the back of our houses has been the preferred entry point of thieves-I have three motion sensors-one per double door and the window. Far more reliable than the glass break...
  15. Adamsdaddy

    Best Cameras for under $150

    @ron351 & @Thomas Please send one of your cameras to Fenderman or Looney for free to test. They have tested many cameras over the years. This would be an opportunity for someone with 100% credibility on this forum to examine the cameras. Not much of a capital outlay on Thomas's part.
  16. Adamsdaddy

    Guide to all the various DVRs

    That link only took me to the main landing page for Dahua.
  17. Adamsdaddy

    Looks good and best of luck in complying with the Wayfair decision.

    Looks good and best of luck in complying with the Wayfair decision.
  18. Adamsdaddy

    New Ring door peephole camera

    Replace Your Old Peephole With the New Door View Cam Clever idea to use the peephole and that should provide a good view of who’s at the door. It is battery operated so you gotta wonder just how many motion alerts it would take to kill the battery. I have a rather busy street in front of my...
  19. Adamsdaddy

    Mounting turret cam on stucco wall

    Looks great! To keep rain/water from getting between the mount and the stucco did you caulk it or ?
  20. Adamsdaddy

    New Ring Alarm System 199

    FCC filings leak two new Ring security lights - CNET
  21. Adamsdaddy

    Hikvision DS-2DE4A320IW-DE

    Model number? Price? Shipping cost to US? Warranty? Upgradable?
  22. Adamsdaddy

    Another porch pirate

    @looney2ns did you hookup the microseven to it? How many days of video do you get with the 128gb SD card using your settings and does BI record the sound?
  23. Adamsdaddy

    Another porch pirate

    Looney, Which model camera captured these videos and if fixed, which lens (3.6, 4 mm) ? Looks pretty smooth so 30 FPS ? Thx
  24. Adamsdaddy

    New Ring Alarm System 199

    No however they are wireless and state 3 years of battery life so you could place one in the attic with the speaker aimed outside through a vent. It does however only have an operating temperature up to 104 degrees . You are in Canada so maybe that'd work for you.
  25. Adamsdaddy

    New Ring Alarm System 199

    @fenderman Do you still like your Ring alarm system? I've been flipflopping between Simplisafe 3.0 or the Ring. Simplisafe has hundreds of complaints about their customer service but they've been around longer. I have a two story 2000 square foot home with two double doors to the backyard and...
  26. Adamsdaddy

    User error with Dahua NVR5216-4KS2

    Are you sure the 3rd subset is 1 Not 0 ?
  27. Adamsdaddy

    Newbie advise for Dahua system

    From the website click on Global and then International. Look under discontinued products EOL End Of Life
  28. Adamsdaddy

    Review-Dahua DH-SD22204T-GN 2mp 4X Mini PTZ

    It looks like the 2 mp version is $117 vs 4 mp @ $150. Love to see a side by side image/video comparison of the 2 mp vs 4 mp. I'm planning on using it to cover walking up to the front door which is fairly well lit. Amazon has a 6 mp for $110 but with the poor translation in the description -...
  29. Adamsdaddy

    Dahua overlay problem

    Is resetting the cameras something you were able to do through the iDMSS app or did you have to log into the web interface on all 13, one at a time?
  30. Adamsdaddy

    Conceal/NVR ????

    I was thinking of placing an NVR in the area where my heater sucks in air from inside my house. Plenty of room in there. My attic gets too hot for electronics to survive.