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    Today's FCC Ruling

    We'll have to see; Uniview uses Hisilicon, at least the last time I put a board under the microscope.
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    Today's FCC Ruling

    I would also like to know that if HiSilicon would be part of that ban too, as it is for the NDAA.
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    Today's FCC Ruling

    To be fair, most of where the Government gets these brands are from the contractors they hired.
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    Hik-vision firmware replace on ADC-VC826

    Well.. I did managed to get the UART up and running on the V826; however, on boot, I do see a message on 1.547247] Card authentication succeeded. Also, techwizbrent stated he has tried a firmware, but failed and appears to brick the device. So at this point, until I can get access to the...
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    Hik-vision firmware replace on ADC-VC826

    I have the ADC-V726 # prtHardInfo Start at 2017-06-20 11:10:42 DeviceModel = ADC-VC726 Currently working on a project to extract the firmware off the MT29F1G08ABAEA NAND, but problem is I do not have a 48-pin TSOP 1 for my programmer, so that will have to be put on the back burner...
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    Firmware from different brands

    You should'nt be blindly updating firmware on a piece of hardware you do not know; it is a good way to brick your device if you do not know what you are doing. Looks can be deceiving (Ask my wife, she can tell you). Of course there are ways to revive a device after brickism.... mostly. You can...
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    Driveway alarm? 1,200 feet.

    1200 feet for most wireless alarm devices is way too far; considering the FSPL and output power of most devices in the ~300-400Mhz range, you have a few options. 1). Got to Home Depot and rent a trencher (Of course, before you start trenching, call your local utilities (Power, Gas, water, etc.)...
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    ADC-722w wifi camera

    That is a camera that I have not been able to molest (I'd be happy to take a deeper dive into the hardware if you can part way with it for a few weeks, I promise to return it in the conditioned that it came); with that being said, with what you have and no modifications, sorry to say that the...