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  1. Matt L.

    Not worth it using cameras

    May not ever use a camera again! They can get you into serious fucking trouble. Remember anything you own becomes property of police at thier will if it aids them. Nothing I did wrong but I'm short several thousand $ of eat.
  2. Matt L.

    Amcrest 1920TVL - pings only. No TCP!

    Amcrest 1920TVL I have a 1920 TVL I believe. Darn power jack pin broke. Come on, it was in window, then I stapled the wire down the moulding to ac. How much stress can that be? Well moot point because I snapped off the jack and found a point for vIN. It starts, but light goes red...
  3. Matt L.

    Power port broken - EasyN

    Well - I lhave bad luck. ANOTHER of my IP cams bit the dust for the same damn reason - the power jack broke. It's not like I'm swinging the damn things by the cords, by nature they are stationary objects,,,, I'm probably wasting my time. No reply on my amcrest Q.... It's a cheap-o "Easy-N"...
  4. Matt L.

    Moved: Find alternate +5V power input for Amcrest 1920TVL

    Hi! I spent all day on this!!! My cam has a loose barrel jack - the anode pin in middle fell out!! So I traced the center + to it's pin, transverse arranged to jack (odd), and the neg... Well, some detialed ass soldering finally got wires on those pads from the bottom where the pins went thru...
  5. Matt L.

    Limiting space per drive, not per-folder basis

    Gripe warning: I dont understand why BI has option to limit space allocated on a per-folder basis. That isn't the reality for folders storing video, which is dynamic. Folders do not have space constraints in normal PC situations, the drives do. I'd be limiting my space if I limited say folders...
  6. Matt L.

    Get alert images... www json... Etc

    JSON syntax for alert images.... I KNOW IT EXISTS. help doesn't say explicitly what it is... UI3 has alert lists so it must know filenames. I want a count of alert images in past hour, etc...
  7. Matt L.

    Poll BI WWW for # alerts / per ?

    Trying to get a aggregrate house activity quotient so I can put it into a servo and have a big analog meter of house activity... Using a ESP32 HTTP client.... the only thing I get from help is /alerts/(filename) -- not really helpful as it would need to poll every second to find matches, IF it...
  8. Matt L.

    Amcrest feed lags 70s+ in BI

    For some reason one camera - made by amcrest in 2017 (i forget model # and it's not in the web ui) is experiancing significant lag in BI. The delay is over a minute at times. I loaded up its proprietray applet and tried PTZ and response was fine. Still hadn't shown movement in BI, however...
  9. Matt L.

    SDETER Camera - Any good?

    I was considering this camera as an INEXPENSIVE option since I'm on a very tight budget and I'm buying other electronics with it. I plan on getting the 720P variant as it's indoors and I don't need all those pixels (besides, it takes up more room and eats more CPU to run 1080). If it runs two...
  10. Matt L.

    BI will not send sound to Cam when triggered

    BI will not send sound to Cam when triggered, but it will send sound when tested from the alerts > sound alarm function. I have no clones of camera active, I thought at first that was the cause. Still, the camera gets an external trigger (not set to trigger by motion, only group, external, and...
  11. Matt L.

    Change profile: Does it STOP alert sound?

    If I change profile when a LONG alert wav is playing, say 20 seconds long, will it stop the playback if no alert sound is selected for that other profile? I hope yes, I think not. What I want to do: I want an audio warning tone (alarm) on one physical camera that is nearly silent at first, as...
  12. Matt L.

    BIT / Blue Iris Tools Runtime Error '50003'

    3 Days ago and now every time I attempt to run BIT it produces this message before even displaying. The program terminates. Anyone else got this message?
  13. Matt L.

    USB Pro 9000 Webcam - Shifted lines video

    I'm having a problem with my USB camera. I need it because I don't have a lot of money to blow on a nice dahua IP cam. Furthermore it alerts me globally if my smoke detector beeps. Anyhow I wish I could post a picture (no host) but my video feed from that camera is shifted line by line. The...
  14. Matt L.

    Update options are greyed out!

    Under Software Support options there is Prompt... and that is greyed out, along with the two lines and button to check for new updates under that. I have a picture but no host. I hope I painted one. The time updates last checked does change when I reopen options, but I've not seen a pop-up for a...
  15. Matt L.

    Instant Replay

    It should exist. I thought it was on UI2 or 3 but I was wrong. It would back up instantly to last trigger, no magic there.
  16. Matt L.

    Profile stuck on 1.

    Since second to last update and 3 days, BI has been stuck on profile 1. The schedule clearly contradicts this. What in world is going on? And no, it's not overridden.
  17. Matt L.

    BI sending status update notifications on hourly basis

    ... And I can't for the life of me find where to change this feature on the phone app or on the application on PC. Can someone please tell me where to find status updates? They are driving me nuts.
  18. Matt L.

    BlueIris Tools Multiple Locations - doesn't save

    Blue Iris tools multple locations does not save data in the folders you specify. The dirs don't even get created. The only data I find is under ./txt/
  19. Matt L.

    Falsing - IR/Lighting Level Shifts

    Hello Foks, My camera sometimes has an issue of going darker by about 20% for a second and regaining in IR. It is very irritating. As a result, BI interprets it as object detected motion in the zone that is flagged to detect. An alarm sounds. Now, the obvious solution is the "Reset Detector...
  20. Matt L.

    ESCAM Brick QD300 dead.

    Hello Again. My eScam brick has become that, a brick. It won't echo back nor connect. It turns on and the network dongle lights up like it should, the IR goes on and off. Just no LAN connection. Any suggestions? I find that the network i/f is by FAR the most common failure in cameras. I've...
  21. Matt L.

    Suction cup won't stay on glass!

    My suction cup stopped working on an el cheapo dashcam. I tried the most sensible solution and put it back up with silicone adhesisve. The adhesive failed recently after several months, now that it is warm. I felt silicone would work. What else? Epoxy? Superglue? I don't care too much if...
  22. Matt L.

    Amcrest now freezes after PTZ commands

    Greetings, My two year old Amcrest (sorry I forgot model#) is now jacked up. It freezes (no signal, connection refused) when you send it a PTZ command. Not a single frame is sent thereafter until a few minutes later. The camera has been power cycled. It started tonight at which point I made...
  23. Matt L.

    BI Android, dead.

    Last week BI mobile android just stopped working altogether. It connects because I hear the connection sound on the server, however the little PoS client says that "it cannot reach server". I uninstalled, re-installed, rebooted my phone. Furthermore, the Get IPS function does nothing now.
  24. Matt L.

    Geofencing. en-garde! (dupe instances of one mobile)

    I have 3 instances of one device on my mobile tab. Therefore I can't tell which one, if there is only one currently in use, to choose for Geo-fencing in and out. The device ID is something arbitrary in appearance, I thought at first glance they were MAC addressess, but they don't match up. I...
  25. Matt L.

    BIT: Server monitor resets to local IP

    I can't get BIT to stick on .64 (downstairs). Whenever I come back a week later to look at it, it's looking at .71 (here). Of course I unchecked. I have intent to have BIT cross-monitor.
  26. Matt L.

    Viewer goes dim on non-trigger frames

    I've emailed Ken about this and he said he was not aware of it. For the past year or so, whenever I go into a non-active portion of video, ie: a part that was recorded one-fame-per minute periodic, it will dim the window like so. It seems to be intentional, and is great on the timeline view to...
  27. Matt L.

    JSON Cmd to TALK... doesn't exist... does it?

    I was going to setup a JSON script routine to read my arduinos via com port since com ports do little to BI, however, I noted the JSON command list isn't quite comprehensive. In fact, the "talk" command isn't listed in the context drop downs, only shown on the UI control panel. ... Just got back...
  28. Matt L.

    Image Overlay Refresh / Trigger Indicator

    I wanted to know by watching a clip, visually, when it was triggered. I tried to run a image progam via cmd line to invert a colored box. No problem, except the image overlay does NOT refresh, only if you reset the camera. Any way to get a trigger show visually, more than the little rectangles?
  29. Matt L.

    Motion Zone Object Detection

    The documentation is scarce on this. I know it's quirky to deal with trying to determine a vector from a 2D image. However, some zone>zone things have had rather parodoxical results. I don't even know if A>B>C is possible. I wish it would, because a straight line border crossing does not imply...
  30. Matt L.

    Idea: Using more than one Net IF (IP) for camera?

    Folks, I've used BI for years and I know this isn't really possible so it's an idea I propose. If my LAN is d/c'd for some reason, I'd like BI to switch to an alternative IP ie (from *.158 to *.168) - the WiFi interface. Slow and choppy, but better than "no signal".