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  1. Adamsdaddy

    Mounting a bullet camera to the right of an outside LED light (how to power it)

    I have an LED light on the stucco wall on left side of my front door. It is hardwired (no bulb connection). I bought a wireless bullet camera (12 V) that I'd like to install pointing to the right (at the walk up to the front door) but I'm struggling with how to get power to the thing? The...
  2. Adamsdaddy

    Ethics of reviewing a camera provided free without disclosing it was received free

    About 1 1/2 months ago I was contacted by a new Amazon seller who had read my review of a Yi Home indoor camera and they wanted me to review their camera. They sent me via PayPal the cost of the camera plus an extra $5 (they didn't pay attention when I told them a coupon had lowered the price)...
  3. Adamsdaddy

    Alternative to Yi, IPC360, , YI IoT, JAWA or CloudEdge apps?

    I have 5 of the PTZ 1080 indoor cameras that I use to keep track of deliveries and what's going on with the dogs etc. Problem is I now have 5 different apps on my aging, out of space iPhone 6. Have any of you managed to get these camera to work through just one app and if so, what is it?
  4. Adamsdaddy

    Door alarm? Secure not easy to disable.

    My special needs 16 year old got picked up by Lyft at 3:30 am early Monday after climbing out the two story window. He and a friend went roaming around during the wee hours before being located by the sheriff's dept at the mall. I need a door alarm to make noise or send a notification to my...
  5. Adamsdaddy

    New Ring door peephole camera

    Replace Your Old Peephole With the New Door View Cam Clever idea to use the peephole and that should provide a good view of who’s at the door. It is battery operated so you gotta wonder just how many motion alerts it would take to kill the battery. I have a rather busy street in front of my...
  6. Adamsdaddy

    26 cameras and one 4TB overwriting every 5 days

    My office is supposed to retain 60 days of video. The 1280/720 ip non IR cameras are mostly set for 15 FPS with two set at 30 FPS. Motion detection on. I had to point out to the security guy that his settings were causing the data to be overwritten every 5 days. Constant bit rate is the...