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    Confusing POE Related Question?

    Ok, all 16 of my cameras work on the monitor and look great. On the Channel Status page of the NVR I have all green lights on all 16 cameras in the status column, all looking good, but in the POE Manager page of the NVR it shows the cameras hooked up to the POE switch, cameras 10, 11, 12 & 13...
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    Are Most Routers POE Compatible?

    I've been installing a LOREX NVR with 16 cameras (check my other threads to get caught up on the installation) and I've been having issues with a POE switch. After researching online for days I came across a site saying common everyday routers are not POE compatible? If so then I think I just...
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    No Uplink Port on POE Switch? Huh?

    Originally I bought a 5 port POE switch that put out 55 watts, link below, it has 4 normal ports and a uplink port. Someone convinced me that this switch was not powerful enough to power 4 of my cameras. So I reluctantly bought an 8 port POE switch that has 123 watts, link below, but I didn't...
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    Ethernet, POE, Gigabit Switch, Which One Do I Need?

    I'm thoroughly confused! on installing my 16 ch NVR system. II need to run 8 ethernet cables underground but the pipe diameter is to small to pull all 8 cables through. I was told I needed a 4 port Gigabit switch to reduce the number of cables going into the pipe from 8 cables to 5 cables, that...
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    Swann NHD-865MSB POE Connector Pinout?

    Water had gotten into the RJ45 connector on my Swann NHD-865MSB POE camera and corroded the pins. The only way to keep using the camera was to cut off the RJ45 connector and hardwire the camera straight to the ethernet cable. Follow me so far? My issue is not knowing what color wires from the...