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  1. DaveP

    Hikvision NVR new firmware 3.2.1

    Just 'upgraded' my 7804N-E1/4P on 3.0.10 to the new 3.2.1 thats available (Thanks to alastairstevenson for spotting it) Used the header striping method and tftp it up as detailed a while ago on this fine forum 1st Impression .... WOW !! 2nd Impression... its fecking brilliant, more features...
  2. DaveP

    Hikvision turret lens glass cover replacment

    Please don't ask why I know this ... :rolleyes: But the simple & cheap answer to restore the cams waterproof rating is to get a flat 29.5mm 'mineral glass watch crystal' (ebay can be a good source) add a bead of silicone to give it a seal, gets one out of trouble. The IR glass cover looks to...
  3. DaveP

    Telnet Hikvision NVR a simple guide

    Telnet is a very sharp tool, and as with all sharp tools... you can poke your eye out (Ok you can't really poke your eye out, but telling telnet to do bad things may result in a very very bricked nvr thats only use will be as a door stop) So... assuming a windows pc and the nvr is on the same...
  4. DaveP

    DS-2CD3310-I 1.3MP Vs 3.0MP

    As promised, the ambient street light comparison screen shots... with and without the bulkhead light. For purposes of this test, the cameras were mounted side by side behind glass that has a grey tint mirror film. Bulkhead light on, 1.3MP on the left... the 1.3 wins Bulkhead light off, the...
  5. DaveP

    Proof of being 'sad'

    Reading numbers from a piece of paper and using a calculator to find the result, pressing the = and seeing that the answer is 404. Looking back at the piece of paper and thinking "not its not... its still there" :rolleyes:
  6. DaveP

    The best web site for tracking stuffl from China

    Having used loads of different ones over the years... IMHO the winner is In case of any problems with delayed post, don't bother with their chinapost forum... all their advice is just to be patient :rolleyes:
  7. DaveP

    3.65 .. Somthing odd

    Not so much odd as strange, since the last update.... BI is using a lot less cpu :cool: Anyone else noticed this ?