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  1. BlokehMan

    BI5, how to make remote view "seamless" to the average "joe"?

    I know this is already asked a ton. But how do we make this happen? my current set up of having a ddns+airvpn+accessing it remotly is so janky is works 10% of the time due to jankiness of openvpn + vpn config files among other things. How do we make this process seamless? I don't care if it's a...
  2. BlokehMan

    Battery powered travel CCTV?

    I want to travel and leave my room alone. But I want a CCTV, regardless if hidden or not, that records triggers online or whatever someway somehow. I don't want to plug it in any way shape or form if that makes sense?
  3. BlokehMan

    BI5, remote access returns 403 after working for a few minutes

    My IP which is 192.168.* is whitelisted. All ip banning mechanisms are disabled. I still get 403 after it works for a few minutes. Can anyone help me where to look next?
  4. BlokehMan

    Web via WAN doesn't work

    I get this error below. I have to refresh and login, and get this error again. may I know what I'm doing wrong?
  5. BlokehMan

    Motion detect red box not in recordings

    So there's a setting in blue iris to show you where it "detects" movement on the feed and shows a rectangle. But I can't see this on the recording, it shows on live but when playing an alarm, it's not there. How can I add it there?
  6. BlokehMan

    Request for guidance which best bang for buck camera to buy. Requirements in body

    I'm using blue iris 3 (will upgrade if necessary) with 3 existing cams with 1TB harddrive. So far 17% CPU usage only. I need to add a couple more (around 6-7 cam I estimate). All POE. Requirement 1: Outside to watch backdoor/electric-box. I suspect my electric box is being tampered with at...
  7. BlokehMan

    Are DVR + Analog cam setup still worth it? Planning to add more cams but Starlight cams still expensive

    I still find a 60 USD 2MP starlight cam expensive, given than for 120 USD I could get a 6 analog cam + DVR from same brand (Dahua). If you were poor would you settle for a DVR+ Analog? I'm not poor, but trying to be cost effective.
  8. BlokehMan

    pin-hole camera to video who is installing a jumper in my electric box

    So I'm in a situation where I need to see, in-secret, who is installing jumper in my electric box. My electric usage went from 800kWh to 2200 kWh. My fusebox is sensitive as fuck any shorted appliance would have shut off everything. My main switch is approx 50 meters away from where I want to...
  9. BlokehMan

    Need to cover 300sqm of area. Planning to go 16 channel analog + DVR hooked to BlueIris

    Hi, Good day to you all. I'm presented with a financial problem. I need to cover 300 sqm of area with night vision and I cannot afford that many IP cameras. I already have 4 IP cameras running but the area I have to cover now is just too much. Every square meter has to be covered. I was...