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  1. CaBrA

    TinyCam red background colo in camera title / speed

    Hello, Anyone knows what the red background where the camera name and speed appears means? There´s no much info, I only can guess that bad signal from camera?
  2. CaBrA

    2 IP Cameras destroying WiFi (2.4GHz)

    I know is better to have ip cameras connected wired, but I dont like the idea to put a large cable all around my house. I´m working on this right now. I have 1 WIFI Camera and the network works fine. But if I connect 2 WiFi cameras (just 2) my internet connection drop from 50Mb/s to 1Mb/s. I...
  3. CaBrA

    Foscam 9800p vs 9803p for Tinycam

    Which one is better for using with Tinycam? I read that 9800p isn't compatible with P2P in that app. Recommended?