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    Blue Iris Tools not detecting that Blue Iris is down

    I am running BI x64 (Not as a service) and suddenly BI Tools is not restarting BI after it goes down. BI Tools show that BI has been found. However BI Tools still indicates that BI is running, even though Windows Task Manager shows that it has been killed. Any ideas on what is...
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    Disable alerts based upon temperature/weather?

    My next door neighbor's behavior has changed and large number of alerts are generated. Long story short: new family moved next door, runs dryer at night, cold weather causes a fog/condensate that triggers motion sensor. I've changed the two affected camera's individual schedules to ones with...
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    Need more POE ports, can I just add a second POE switch?

    I have an unmanaged 8-port switch and need two more ports. Would there be any problems/secrets in adding a second unmanaged 8-port switch? The second switch would connect to the same Ethernet hub the first switch uses. (I found a few posts but I wanted to double check). TIA
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    Easy way to trigger the Inactivate schedule?

    If I'm working outside I'd like to enable the Inactive schedule via a smart phone without having to use my laptop to log in to BI's administrative interface. I suppose the more general question would be how to enable a particular schedule because you'd like to enable the proper one when you are...
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    Heat Tolerant WiFi Camera for Attic installation?

    I have a rat problem, there I said it. They are in my attic. I'm trying to get recommendations for a heat-tolerant wide-angle (PTZ preferable) , wifi camera to put in my attic. I'd put an older Foscam indoor camera up there and it lasted a couple of years and then died. I'm now looking for a...
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    Transformer Hiding/Location (or camera suggestion)?

    I have one outdoor camera to install that would be a Very Major pain for PoE (which the rest of my cameras are), so for this one I'm going wifi. I can easily run 110v to the location - but as far as I know there are no 110v-powered cameras - if there is such a beast I'd love to know. What are...
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    Just an old fart

    Next door neighbor got robbed, made me think about supplementing my alarm system with surveillance. I'd heard some good things about Arlo and it was cheap and easy, so I put one up. It was easy, it was cheap, but it was also next to worthless. Motion triggers lagged, lots of false...
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    Please Double Check my Assumptions

    I tried Arlo for about a week and learned a lot about what I didn't know :) It quickly became evident that I needed a better system. I'm going with Blue Iris and want to start with my front door (see attached picture - red dots are proposed camera positions) to get my feet wet. BTW - this...