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  1. jd415

    Really Bad Car Accident Caught On Camera

    Occurred yesterday in Los Angeles. 6 people died including a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Several others were also seriously injured, driver of the speeding car survived. (Video has no audio)
  2. jd415

    I Painted My Dead Grass Green

    It's non toxic, organic and lasts about 3 months. It gets really hot where live during the summer, sprinklers running 3 times a week is not enough. I have more before and after pictures with an actual camera if you want to see them. Also Amazon link to product of you are interested.
  3. jd415

    Eagle Crushes Bird To Death

    Today in front of my house:
  4. jd415

    Video of 3 men lighting fireworks inside a fireworks warehouse

    Houston Texas, USA 3 men accused of lighting firework inside fireworks warehouse, stealing $200 worth of products
  5. jd415

    Fireworks Explosion Video

    Sorry for the crappy video quality, wait for it.....
  6. jd415

    Catalytic Converter Theft Video

    Someone posted this to my local NextDoor neighborhood page. Finally someone with an actual decent camera instead of the garbage Ring that you barely see someone's face. Keep in mind Nextdoor compresses the video, I downloaded the video and then uploaded to Youtube which also degrades the quality.
  7. jd415

    LAPD Responding Lights And Sirens

    This is what happens when you are an IP camera nerd like some of us here and are really bored on a Friday night. Turn up your volume:
  8. jd415

    Ring Now Supports OVIF IP Cameras
  9. jd415

    Fatal Motorcycle Crash Video

    This happened about 1 hour ago a few minutes away from my house. Wait for it, you will also see his dead body but its not graphic. There is no audio in the first video. Listen to the news reporters reaction
  10. jd415

    Delivery Drivers Are So Lazy (Video)

    UPDATE: She did the exact thing the next day with another delivery, scroll down for new video:
  11. jd415

    Garbage Truck Catches On Fire

    Something with me and garbage trucks, this is my third garbage truck video I posted here within the last year. Its hard to see the flames in the video but you can see the ashes coming down. Not sure why my Color4K-X all of the sudden gets all white after he uses the fire extinguisher.
  12. jd415

    Car Drives Into Restaurant With People Inside Captured on CCTV

    Watch all 3 short videos below (they have audio as well). This occurred on new years day. Click on the image to start the video. Second link you need to click on the reddit logo for it to work, video was not removed. Video angle 1 Video angle 2 Video angle 3
  13. jd415

    Sanitation worker intentionally dumps trash and waste water all over street

    Neighbor posted this to Next Door.
  14. jd415

    Color4K-X Is A Low Light MONSTER! (Pics before and after)

    I just got a IPC-Color4K-X and its amazing at night especially for a 8 MP. A huge shout out to @wittaj for all your help and @EMPIRETECANDY for great customer service as always! Here is my before and after. Keep in mind I have ZERO street lights and it was pitch dark outside. Old camera is an...
  15. jd415

    Stolen Motorcycle

    For a few days now there is a motorcycle parked on my street that I've never seen before. I viewed my camera playback and it looks like its a stolen bike and was dumped on my street. I ran the plates and it comes back to a Suzuki and not a Kawasaki (ignore the color in the screenshot below)...
  16. jd415

    New Dahua Dual Lens Cameras

    Full specs were recently released: IPC-HFW5449T1-ASE-D2 IPC-HDW5449H-ASE-D2...
  17. jd415

    Thief Caught On Camera

    I saw this person live on video stealing a plastic yard owl from my neighbors yard. I didn't waste my time calling the police because not only would they probably arrive a while later but the perp would just get a citation with the stupid laws we have in Los Angeles. (I was controlling the PTZ...
  18. jd415

    Will this also work with human burglars as well?

    Turn up your volume (my neighbor recorded this)
  19. jd415

    LPR Saves The Day Again

    Someone posted on a neighborhood crime busters page about a young guy and an older woman stealing packages. I checked my LPR and boom got the guys plates. At least he was a gentleman and let her wear his helmet :D Law enforcement has been notified and they will be paying a visit to his house...
  20. jd415

    $33,000 Hasselblad Camera

  21. jd415

    Man high on drugs looking for stuff to steal

    This guy went to my neighbors house and it appears he may of been looking for something to steal.
  22. jd415

    Hit And Run Captured By My Camera

    I woke up this morning and a whole bunch of my neighbors cars were damaged, of course the first thing I did was check my cameras. Some drunk or distracted driver crashed into 4 different parked cars and drove off. I only have pictures of the damage 3 of the cars below. Video and license plate...
  23. jd415

    Dahua Camera Captures Home Invasion
  24. jd415

    Empire Tech Andy Made It To YouTube Video

    Remember this guy? I think he is also a member of IP Cam Talk forum so be nice ;) @EMPIRETECANDY hopefully you get a lot of business after this video.
  25. jd415

    Please Recommend A Dash Camera

    My kids broke my wife's dash camera, its about 4 years old and its time to replace it with something new. Can anyone recommend a good rearview mirror dash camera, the ones that strap onto it. See below as an example. I like this type so it's somewhat hidden and I don't have to take it down and...
  26. jd415

    Don't you wish your camera could do this?

    Hopefully one day with 500 megapixel IP camera's we can do this (without optical zoom) Zoom in:
  27. jd415

    My New Toy

    Thank you Andy / EMPIRETECANDY for great customer service as always! This is the 4 MP version with a 1/1.8 sensor and 25X zoom.
  28. jd415

    Not So Smart U-Haul Driver

    Video has no audio.
  29. jd415

    Man Attempted To Steal From My Trash

    This homeless guy tried to steal from my trash, I didn't want a confrontation so I turned on the siren on my Ring floodlight camera. That that didn't help and he didn't care work so I yelled at the guy to go and he said "thank you". Turn up your volume:
  30. jd415

    Car Accident Video

    Not my video sharing only, turn up your volume.