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  1. PatPend

    DS model to detect landscapers aka "lawnguy"

    I distinctly remember seeing a DS model that identified landscapers holding a leaf blower as "lawnguy" but for the life of me I can't find it again. Does any of this sound familiar? I thought it was on IPCT but my old brain isn't cooperating.
  2. PatPend

    Why are they doing this to us? Eight theories of the case.

    From: Why are they doing this to us? Eight theories of the case In the movement, we’ve been circling around two big questions for the past two years: Who is “they”; and Why are they doing this* to us? *this being: developing and releasing bioweapons into the population; suppressing safe and...
  3. PatPend

    Using - DS showing USPS van as a mere truck

    I have a cam pointed down my driveway that's configured to detect default objects and delivery objects ( There's shrubbery on either side of the end of the driveway and my mailbox is just to the left of the driveway behind the shrubs. The mailman arrives in his usps van from the...
  4. PatPend

    Need guidance getting Deepstack GPU version working...

    Last week I set up Deepstack for the first time, CPU version, and added the delivery models, and it worked really well. So I decided to take the next step and get the GPU version going. I am no expert in AI or 3D graphics cards but the CPU version "just worked" so I figured the GPU version...
  5. PatPend

    Possible to filter alerts by memo/object type?

    Is there a way to filter/search for confirmed alerts of a specific type? For example, show only fedex, ups and usps alerts? As it seems, you can filter for person alerts, vehicle alerts and confirmed alerts, but noting more specific than that.
  6. PatPend

    No audio in timeline or export

    Recently upgraded to BI V5. I'm loving the timeline playback of all cameras in UI3. But I only get audio when the timeline is playing live video. When playing recorded video, the audio control is dimmed and no audio is delivered. BI version, UI3 version 221. On another - possible...
  7. PatPend

    UI3 throwing errors on Samsung TV browser.

    I have 4 Samsung TVs that I occasionally use to monitor BI. I just upgraded BI from v4 to v5 (UI3 version 218, Blue Iris version: to be exact) and now, on the newer Samsung, BI doesn't load. Allcams.htm is no longer available on BI5 so can't fallback to that. Any help getting this...
  8. PatPend

    Swipe down to return to live view not working in android app

    In the BI app iOS version you swipe up from live view of a camera of interest to view alerts, then swipe down to return to live view. In the android version, swipe up works but swipe down does nothing. You have to hit the back button which brings you not to live view, but to the cameras page...
  9. PatPend

    Providing BI videos to law enforcement - need advice!

    Law enforcement is following up on a BI clip I emailed them from my phone. For chain-of-custody reasons they need to send a digital forensics officer to my place to retrieve the videos from the server... Firstly, is there a way to manually insert a flag or alert into a clip? Motion sensing...
  10. PatPend

    Hide street scene camera in a birdhouse, fake rock, or...?

    Hi, I want to set up two concealed outdoor cameras in front of the house to capture street traffic and license plates up and down the street. We have an evergreen garden set back about 10' from the curb with a little clearing that would be the best available spot to see in both directions. I'm...
  11. PatPend

    Junction Box for Dahua DH-SD29203T-GN Speed Dome

    Hey guys, I posted a junction box for the Dahua DH-SD29203T-GN Speed Dome. This fits the bayonet mounting plate perfectly. I've had this setup mounted under an eave for almost a year with no issues. Junction Box for Dahua DH-SD29203T-GN Speed Dome by rssalerno
  12. PatPend

    3D Printed Junction Box for Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z

    I whipped up a 3D printed junction box for the venerable IPC-HDW5231R-Z. One thing I noticed is this camera has much greater "presence" than the Grandstream eyeball it replaced. The GS was relatively round and unobtrusive while the elephant nose of this Dahua definitely makes a statement...
  13. PatPend

    Shortest focal length thats not a fisheye...?

    I'm trying to cover an area with an IPC-HDW5231R-Z, cam position is not the best and running cable to a different location is not an option. I have the cam zoomed out to 2.8mm but I could use a little more FOV. Any ideas short of going to a fisheye?
  14. PatPend

    Automatically select Day or Night profile based on whether it's Day or Night?

    Can Dahua cams automatically select day or night profiles based on whether the camera is in day (color) or night (BW + IR) mode? From what I can tell it can only be changed manually or via a fixed daily schedule.
  15. PatPend

    WTS Hikvision DS-7616NI-SE NVR for sale

    I bought this Hikvision NVR two years ago intending it to replace my Zoneminder system but I ended up going with BI so I never used it. Open box but brand new, 16 channels, two sata ports, supports Hikvision and 3rd party cams, supports ONVIF, up to 5 MP recording, audio + video recording, PTZ...
  16. PatPend

    How to pronounce "Dahua?"

    Is it dah-wha or dah-hoo-ah? And which syllable gets the accent?
  17. PatPend

    Hikvision article in the Wall St. Journal

    I want a Darkfighter! Surveillance Cameras Made by China Are Hanging All Over the U.S.
  18. PatPend

    Dewarping Capabilities of Dahua Fisheye IPC-EBW8630-IVC

    Can the main stream of this camera show multiple dewarped views like the 4-up view on the right side of the attached screenshot, or does it only stream the raw fisheye view? Side question, is there any difference between the IPC-EBW8630-IVC version and the N68BR4V listed on the US website?
  19. PatPend

    Running BI in Virtualbox, will Intel hardware acceleration work?

    I'd like to run BI in a Windows 7 Virtualbox guest on an Ubuntu linux host. If the host machine is running an Intel i7 processor with Quicksync hardware acceleration, will BI be able to take advantage of it?
  20. PatPend

    3D Printed Junction Box

    Hey all, I posted a 3D printable junction box for dome cameras. It's parameterized so you can customize to any diameter, height, number of screws you need. Uses about $2 of filament to print. Dome Camera Junction Box by rssalerno
  21. PatPend

    Use built-in Mac camera as IP cam?

    Is there a way to use the built-in camera & mic on a Mac as an ipcam and feed it into BI?
  22. PatPend

    *SOLVED* Video constantly freezing then playing double-speed catch up

    Running latest version of BI with a mix of Grandstream and generic IP cams. One type of camera I got on eBay (yea I know) is giving me trouble. They don't stream smoothly into Blue Iris in either live view or playback, ever. The stream will freeze for 2-3 seconds and the next 2-3 seconds the...
  23. PatPend

    Looking for a good PTZ cam that works with BI

    Can anyone recommend a good PTZ cam that works with Blue Iris? Looking for one that can be mounted under an eave with >50M IR range and POE. Ali Express has a number of interesting ones but it's tough to choose. I don't mind taking the Ali gamble on a $40 camera but these are $250 & up and I...