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  1. Laserray

    Anybody figure out the web API to trigger a recording to file? I have a IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E

    I would like to directly trigger the camera via web API and store the stream to a file for processing. I haven't found any links to get my a clue on how to do this. The API docs are like drinking muddy water. This would take some pressure off of Blue Iris doing all the pre-trigger and converting...
  2. Laserray

    Speeder Detection with LPR and RADAR (technical posts only!!)

    I've started this new thread for technical details on my Speeder detection setup. I call the package "OPENRoad". As time permits I will update this post. Please use other thread for any political talk, objections, comments, or advice. Administrators please delete or move posts not related to...
  3. Laserray

    Need Python Code to Find Vehicle

    I would like to pre-check recorded video frames I will feed this to OPENALPR (free). I would rather send good frames instead of the raw video frames (cropped). It would also be nice to have front and rear vehicle shot. Sooo... I need a program that recognizes a vehicle quickly. It would be...
  4. Laserray

    OpenALPR Webhook to MySQL PHP Program

    Instead exporting to csv this PHP program is used on a local web server to get data from Commercial OpenAlPR and sends it to your MySQL database. I hope it helps somebody. I don't use it anymore. I use the Web API instead. However I ran this during the 2 week free period to setup my platadata...
  5. Laserray

    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    I have been lurking here for a while. Thanks for all the information, it's time for me to share my results. I had a problem with speeding on my road. They were hitting over 50 mph every 2 hours, and over 40mph every 20 minutes. It's posted at 25mph. We went through various stages with limited...