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  1. c hris527


    Hello All, This will be a Moderate review of a Hikvision DS-2CD2387g2p-LSU/SL Multi-sensor 180 degree 4mm camera. I received the camera for testing from Hikvision USA (THANK YOU GUYS) and I told them I would post a review here on IpCamtalk. Going to give the good, the bad and the ugly. I...
  2. c hris527

    Shipping Costs..HELP!!

    Long Story Short, I have a expensive piece of test equipment in the UAE, United Arab, It prob weighs about 20 lbs or so, The Guy who has it says its about $2400 to ship DHL back to the states. I did check the site, I wonder if that was Their currency, or USD, either way seems really expensive...
  3. c hris527

    Are you ready for a EMP attack?

    Ya Know, Last year after hearing chatter early on of a monkeypox outbreak, It always seems the higher ups seem to project or predict what will come next. For years I have been hearing about a EMP attack on our grid be it man made or Mother nature doing the deed. Could this be the answer to...
  4. c hris527

    What Are The chances Of This Happening ?

    So I had to meet a friend, she was dropping off a laptop for me to work on, we decided to meet at a Fast food place but as she would be visiting her mom and she ended up late on the way back, I had mY 12 yr old daughter with me and got DADDD Im Hungry.. Ok So we stop off at a dunkin Doughnuts...
  5. c hris527

    Deadbolt cryptolocker Asustor and Qnap

    I have been following this closely, I have two asustor appliances. Seems it hitting the devices exposed to the internet(OPEN PORTS} ...That sound familiar?? Anybody still using ANY camera software that is port forwarding for remote viewing best take notice, Its not IF but when. Nothing is safe...
  6. c hris527

    Going to be seeing more of these popping up all over.

    Had to stop at a local Dicks sporting good store, I pulled in the parking lot and looked up. The company is Liveview out of UTAH. I did ask the store employee about it and he said it is for their store. Too bad they can't arm them with a kill laser when people are grabbing stuff from their store.
  7. c hris527

    HuddleCam or PtzOptics, anybody ever used one?

    Hi all and Happy new year. I take care of a Church and a third party vendor wants to upgrade the video streaming capabilities. They are VERY pricey and when asked said they use a company called PtzOptics and a sister Company called huddlecam for hardware, I looked them up, PTZOPTICS Looks like...
  8. c hris527

    I went to the future today

    Day 3 at a new Office setup, This is a brand new workstation with a Asus motherboard. I use a TON of these. This PC burned on my network for over a week before the Install, fire it up, saw windows start, my helper called me over for another issue, came back about 10 mins later...HMMM Bios page...
  9. c hris527

    She thought it was a Drive-thru Bakery

    This happened locally here in upstate NY, amazing nobody got whacked. This week they got the same and a outside pillar got hit shaking the building, twice in 3 weeks. Drive Thru
  10. c hris527

    Adding IVS to a Onvif Camera on a Dahua AI NVR

    I decided to update my firmware in the NVR so it had better AI Functionality. I was excited as I watched this video Device Add. I tried it on a Uniview camera and a Raysharp camera, I followed his advice but when I get to the part to add the rule, it says failed to get configuration. No...
  11. c hris527

    Nelly's Security POE 101 Article

    I get lots of e-mails from Nellys Security, this is a GREAT article and write up on the how and whats of everything POE and they do a awesome job of laying all the stuff you would need to know especially for the NOOB's here. Covers all the different types and extenders and power budgets. Very...
  12. c hris527

    Killing Time Testing Camera Placement Dahua and Goswift

    So I got whacked this week with a case of the shingles on the head and face(NOT FUN) and decided to lay low for a few days, I decided to pull out of my camera stash cams that I want to make use of that I had laying around. Cam 1 is a Goswift that @Sean Nelson from Nelly's Security sent me for...
  13. c hris527

    A LOCO M-5 Linksys EA7500 No Connection (RESOLVED)

    Strange issue for sure. LOCO-M5 in bridge mode/AP Tested on 3 different routers and 2 switches AND WORKS FINE. No connectivity issue, static IP Linksys EA7500 will NOT even see the LOCO..Period, no ping NADA, Does anybody know if I need to set or disable security feature on this router to...
  14. c hris527

    Ubiquiti Loco M5 Issue

    Had a set of these radios new in the box, needed to set up a client with Internet access for her summer RV about 300' from the house, On the bench I set it up in AP mode, logged on issue. Tried to do a bit of fine tuning so I moved it up to the garage switch and was checking distances from...
  15. c hris527

    Cellular only monitored security systems

    I was asked about a security system(monitored) that would alert police if broken in to. The building has power but no internet and is in a remote location. Cell service is decent in the area. Is anybody using a 24/7 system like that? Thanks
  16. c hris527

    Dahua Thermal Cams showing up All over

    I have taken a small vacation to Mystic Connecticut, We went to the Aquarium in Mystic and had to do a pre screening in a room, I noticed the camera was a Dahua, I did not notice the Black box behind me, It might have been there. Next Stop, Fox-woods Casino, They have a few of these scanning...
  17. c hris527

    Honeywell Low System Battery

    Hi Gang, I Know NOTHING about these systems, Its my sisters system, she keeps getting a low bat error, she called Brinks(They are a Joke) and that's another story but They told her to replace the backup battery in her system box in her basement. She asked me to Install it, She ordered it through...
  18. c hris527

    Time warner/Spectrum Switched My System Provider to Brinks

    Myself and My 2 Siblings have or had Spectrum and or Legacy Time Warner home security system for over 10 years, None of us got notified of the sudden change over to Brinks for monitoring. My sister did call Spectrum and they said they did a Robo Call to all security customers about the change...
  19. c hris527

    Complete Dahua Setup Manual (Honeywell)

    I have come across this in the public domain, It is in fact a honeywell manual for Dahua rebranded NVR's, It looks like the older firmware but is chock full of detail in one place with all the NVR settings, they did a REALLY good job with detail, a great guide for all those obscure settings that...
  20. c hris527

    Happy Thanksgiving All

    I'm on my second beer and we did not set the deck on fire with the Turkey fryer, Looking to be a nice Day off.
  21. c hris527

    WeatherStation Buying Advice

    Hi Gang, I know NOTHING about weather stations, I was asked to replace one at one of our satellite facilities, The current system works part time and they are looking to replace it. The current system is a 20 year old Davis system Battery powered., I have looked at them and a few others. I...
  22. c hris527

    Camera and network Schematic Software

    I see a lot of guys posting really nice diagrams for review, what software are you using for cams and networking, what is your favorite or easiest to use, what do you like about it or don't like.
  23. c hris527

    AXIS P3224-V MK 11..What am I doing wrong ?

    Hi Gang, I Inherited a axis system about 8 months ago that I need to figure out. The Company that installed it on one of our remote sites got banned so they are of no help to me. The system Is running fine but at the time they purchased extra cameras for future use, well as I was told the...
  24. c hris527

    D- Grade Install at 6 Flags

    I was at a Upstate NY Six Flags Amusement park today, Hope this was not a professional Install. I believe I counted 5 that looked a LOT like this one.
  25. c hris527

    $40 Dollar Dahua Eyeball

    Not a Bad deal, I have used a ton of these in the past with no issues. I got this in a e-mail the link does not include the price. Link----> DH-IPC-HDW13A0SN 2.8mm 3MP IR Eyeball Dome Camera
  26. c hris527

    Sneaky Law Enforcement LPR

    I was working at a site a few weeks back, and saw a contractor setting up One of those mobile speed radar signs that show your speed to try to slow you down. I had a better look and had to ask about it and then saw the LPR on it. So these are being used for local law enforcement and I ask about...
  27. c hris527

    Visitors In The Night

    Lets Face It, Its been a Damn, Cold, Snowy Ole Fashion winter here. Its time for the gang to come destroy my shrubs. The front is a GoSwift I have been testing, It has been holding its own all winter and does pretty good for what it is. The Garage is My Uniview. The Uniview does well...
  28. c hris527

    USB Killer Stick Takes out 50 Computers

    Just when you thought you heard it all! I wonder how this would effect Nvr's
  29. c hris527

    Vulnerability Database For All Hardware

    I'm not aware of this site being posted on here yet, Its quite the clearing house of hardware vulnerability's and dates. Covers a lot of real estate including Cameras. As far as I can see it been updated to at least mid 2018. VERY good reference before you fire up that new router or camera...
  30. c hris527

    Axis Audit Log Strange Entry

    Hi All, Long story short,I just Inherited another satellite building that has a AxisS1048 Mk2 NVR. The system was put in by contractors who basically were asked NOT to come back. I finally was able to get remote access to it and learn the system because I know very little about the Axis VMS. I...