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  1. Left Coast Geek

    setting up continuous recording plus triggers ?

    can someone point me at some basic stuff about how to configure BlueIris to both full time record a camera, and process triggers? I've got it running now on 7 cameras just saving videos that start 10s before a trigger and are a minimum 30s long. I've played with DeepState AI triggers, but...
  2. Left Coast Geek

    SHORT focal range camera?

    a friend has an application for a camera that can take extreme closeups, like 6 inches to 2 feet, with a wide angle lens, and good night vision with minimal IR. I thought a IPC-T5442T-AS 2.8 would work, but they say minimum focus is 4.3 feet, which is just too far, and I suspect the 1-2 foot...
  3. Left Coast Geek

    POE camera that can FTP or SFTP a picture every 5 minutes w/o a NVR ?

    any PoE cameras that can be configured to FTP/SCP/SFTP/RSYNC a picture to a webserver every 5 minutes w/o needing a NVR or other sort of server? or will I need to do something with a raspberry pi or something for this?
  4. Left Coast Geek

    deepstack 'tags' in BI regular viewer?

    I have deepstack working, and in both the android ui3 app and the ui3 web version, my clips have tags for car, people, dogs, etc, but I don't see these on the desktop UI ? is there some setting I'm missing ?
  5. Left Coast Geek

    and this is why I'm not bothering with AI or Deepstack, and just using simple motion detection

    keep watching him, he's motionless for nearly a minute just behind the car then flies off
  6. Left Coast Geek

    BI silly feature wish

    It would be cool if you could configure the stereo balance for live audio playback on a camera by camera basis... I have two cameras enabled to monitor audio, one at each end of my house, the rest only record audio but don't play it in the all camera live view... it would be really cool if...
  7. Left Coast Geek

    Swann security systems ?

    my wife volunteered me to help the local Elk's Lodge debug their security camera system that died last month. I know nothing about it yet other than that its from Swann, and has at least 4 cameras. I don't know how old, I don't know if the cameras are PoE or analog. I'm going to try and at...
  8. Left Coast Geek

    Dahua camera logins

    When I access either of my Dahua cameras directly with Chrome browser, I can neither save or paste the password to log onto the cameras webpage, yet I can on Firefox, on the same Win 10 Pro system. why is this?
  9. Left Coast Geek

    IR light rope

    is there such a thing as IR light rope? somethign that could be put behind a diffuser along a wall or fence line, and provide even illumination across the field of several cameras? this was a 1 m long RGB analog dimmable light I hooked up in the camper shell on my Tacoma, so I could use dim...
  10. Left Coast Geek

    an evening visitor...

  11. Left Coast Geek

    another misty night.

  12. Left Coast Geek

    isolated Camera LAN w/ BI

    so I want to move my cameras to a separate network by adding a 2nd NIC to my BI Windows 10 PC and connecting my PoE switches to that. I'm assuming I'll need to provide DHCP service on that network so the cameras can autoconfigure their network settings... Whats the best way of doing that...
  13. Left Coast Geek

    odd Export behavior

    so I have BI set to record my 7 or 8 cameras using raw, the nto-so-important cameras have substreams enabled but the important one or two don't, including the one I'm dealing with here. I select a recorded video on the left column of such. I move the green and red markers to the start and end...
  14. Left Coast Geek

    Test video from my IPC-T5442T-ZE ...

    fairly naïve settings, 1/60th, max IR illuminator, max 12mm zoom ... I walk out from behind the trailer towards the road, and make a U turn about 120 feet from the chimney mounted camera then walk towards it, drop a bottle in the recycle bin (about 35 feet from the camera), and walk past it...
  15. Left Coast Geek

    IPC-T5442T-ZE mount Q

    I have the T5442T-ZE on the '203 wall mount, the mount is flat and level, but I can't quite aim the camera up as high as I'd like, the lip around the turret cam's lens extrusion runs into the top of the 'socket' that it swivels n. I'm using this camera at 12mm, and the TOP of the field of view...
  16. Left Coast Geek

    new cam!

    oooh, got my first 5442 IR, an Empire IPC-T5442T-ZE, can't wait to hook it up, but I need to wait until tomorrow for the wall bracket I am going to leave my existing wide angle driveway cam up there, which is the HikVision NiteColor non-zoom equiv of this, and will put the zoom right next to...
  17. Left Coast Geek

    multiple monitor support?

    So I haven't tried it, as I currently only have one monitor connected to my BI host system, but I'm curious how BI does with Windows native multi-monitor support? can you put different displays on different monitors, like have one set of cameras live displayed on a big wall monitor, while you...
  18. Left Coast Geek

    IPCT-NITECOLOR-DM2 (DS-2CD2347G1-L) LED control

    Last night was First Night for my NITECOLOR, which I'm using with BI. it came with the latest firmware that I can see on Nelly's site. was playing with the web interface, and I couldn't seem to turn off the light. The web interface setting for Smart Supplement Light (ON, OFF) did nothing...
  19. Left Coast Geek

    IPC-HDW5442TM-AS is EOL ?!?

    Dahua's webpile says the IPC-HDW5442TM-AS is EOL ?!? so the only 1/1.8 turret cam I see now is the IPC-HDW5442TMP-AS-LED which has white LEDs ?
  20. Left Coast Geek

    "3D Noise Reduction" ?

    so most of the various cameras I'm dabbling with have a toggle for 3D Noise reduction on/off. the IR illuminated night video looks much smoother with it on, but zooming in on a face or whatever and it looks really bad and blotchy. current camera I'm playing with is a IPC-T2431T-AS-3.6mm...
  21. Left Coast Geek

    Mounting Dimensions for IPCT-NITECOLOR-DM2 ?

    so which OEM camera is IPCT-NITECOLOR-DM2 equiv to in terms of mounting ? not finding much on its actual model number, or its foot print. I really like the PFB203W / PFB204W style of wall bracket, will one of these fits this camera ? is the camera 3 screw or 4 screw, and what OD for the...
  22. Left Coast Geek

    cancel an ipct store order?

    sunday night I accidentally ordered the wrong camera. basically I checked out the wrong cart without double checking, like an idiot. I can't see ANY way to cancel an order that's still in waiting to be processed. its #15996 if any IPCT people see this. I ordered what I wanted 5...
  23. Left Coast Geek

    ECI-T24Fx ?

    so as a novice to this whole world and with my head spinning in the whirlwind lists of cameras, I snagged a couple HiKvision ECI-T24F2 (2.8mm) and a T24F4 (4mm lens) they are an oversized turret camera. I don't see much about this model on here. Apparently its firmware is from 2018, and...
  24. Left Coast Geek

    Amcrest IP8M-2599W mini review

    well, yesterday I got the right mount in for the IP8M-2599W I'd gotten a week or two earlier, so I installed it, this is setup as a wide angle overview camera, installed pretty high up on my chimney overlooking the driveway parking area. As per other recent discussions, the correct outdoor wall...
  25. Left Coast Geek

    Bandits at 22:00 !

    last night, before bed, I was reviewing the night footage from the Amcrest IP8M-2599 I'd installed that afternoon, and blam, found these 3 guys... scary, I'd been out in the driveway not 10 minutes later.
  26. Left Coast Geek

    outdoor wall mount for a IP8M-T2599EW ?

    I'm trying to find a outdoor wall mount suitable for the above mentioned camera. The Amcrest AMCPFB203W does not work, it does not have the 4 screws on a 70mm circle that the IP8M-T2599EW requires. The AMCPFB203W mount appears to be identical to a Dahua DH-PFB203W, which has 3 rings for 3...
  27. Left Coast Geek

    ready to SCREAM at these mounts

    I wanted a outdoor wall mount for an Amcrest IP8M-T2599EW turret camera... thats this camera, ok, not realizing these things aren't interchangable, I bought a bracket that I thought was the right thing, and its a very nicely...
  28. Left Coast Geek

    hikvision ecl-t24f and CBM junction box.

    so trying to do a better job of my camera upgrade (weeks after installing a bunch of cheap Reolinks, I got several HikVision ECL-T24F2 and an F4, and a couple CBM junction boxes. the cable 'gland' on the side of of the box, the rubber plug in it has an 0.70 inch ID, which is obviously WAY...
  29. Left Coast Geek

    Painless migration to HP Elite Mini 800 G2 core i7-6700...

    so today, my ebay $300 mini PC arrived, a refurb HP Elite Mini 800 G2, with a i7-6700, 16gb ram and a 256GB M.2. Came with fresh install of Win10 Pro.. 2TB SATA drive on order, so for now my /new/ is on the SSD but I'll move that to the HD when it gets here... migrating BI was painless, I...
  30. Left Coast Geek

    Camera motion detection vs BlueIris motion detection

    Right now, I'm using BI motion detection, which I find pretty reasonable to configure, mask out the areas I'm not interested in, tweak the sensitivity, etc. But I know some of these newer cameras have advanced motion detection built into the camera, the catch-22 is you need to configure that...