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  1. GCoco

    Dual uplinks

    Trying to figure out why the newer Ethernet switches have dual uplink ports. What is the purpose/application?
  2. GCoco

    NEST hacked

    Hacker spoke to baby, hurled obscenities at couple using Nest camera, dad says
  3. GCoco

    Hikvision NVR -- Exporting Playback Pictures

    Hik 9632 NVR -- see model and firmware in attachment. I am having no success in saving larger picture files captured during playback. Videos of any size are no problem. If the picture (jpg) is greater than 500KB it will write a file to the USB drive but have a 0KB file size. Anything under that...
  4. GCoco

    Hikvision SMART Detection

    I have a Hik 9632 NVR and (5) Hik 2132 and (9) Hik 2232 cameras along with 4 other cameras. I noticed that one of the newer 2232 cameras had V5.3.0 firmware and with motion detection disabled but sensitivity set above 0, I get the green SMART ticks on playback when there is motion. I updated all...
  5. GCoco

    Hikvision NVR Web Browser Playback Failure

    I had a 7716 NVR and now a 9632 NVR and both have same issue. When I log into NVR from a PC connected behind the same router as the NVR I can do everything but get playback to work. Live view works perfectly. In playback menu, I select the camera and it shows the available days, but after...
  6. GCoco

    Automatically Open and Close VPN

    Is there a way to have VPN open and close automatically when opening or closing an app? Specifically I use OpenVPN and IVMS4500. Wife complains about the additional step and then never turns it off.
  7. GCoco

    Finally a bird house camera

    We have had a pair of Northern Flickers nest in a birdhouse the past two years. I finally found a mini Ip camera with 940nm LEDs that is also POE. Attached is a picture, just the wood chips since the house is empty right now. Wife can't wait for the spring. We are hoping one will use the house...
  8. GCoco

    Hikvision DS-2DF8236I-AEL PTZ

    Looking at this camera to patrol my front yard and gravel road in front. Camera will be about 250' from the road. Using a focal length calculator it appears that I can easily read license plates with zoom during the day. With the smart IR will I be able to read the plates at night? Normally I...
  9. GCoco

    Hikvision V3.3.5 Build 151119 and V3.4.21 Build 160630

    My NVR is a Hik 7716NI-SP/16 with V3.3.4 build 150811 firmware. My gmail email notification stopped working in June. Today I checked Hik's firmware downloads and discovered --> My PC shows the V3.4.21 firmware with a release date of 12/03/2015. No release notes. M Ipad shows more versions...
  10. GCoco

    Honey Do

    Every year we have a pair of Northern Flickers nest in a birdhouse. Wife wants a camera to record mating, egg laying, birth, and fledging of chicks. Obviously want 940nm LEDs since house will not have much light during day and obviously none at night. Since it is near my tractor shed, power and...
  11. GCoco

    Hikvision NVRs - what's the final solution

    I have seen may forum threads here and elsewhere as to the solution to the gmail SSL and Hikvision email alert problem. Many discuss the Hik cameras which is fine. I want to discuss the NVRs specifically. I have tried the following: Hik gmail solution with extra authentication GMX email...
  12. GCoco

    Think I am ok with this but not sure

    Love Hikvision cameras and have 12 of them wired to a 7716 NVR. I have a tractor shed a few hundred feet away with power. Kids recently took a few things and wife feels less secure now. Looking to put a camera down there but do not look forward to trenching in cable. I can get a weak wifi signal...
  13. GCoco

    WiFi camera record to NVR

    Can't figure out how to get a 2432 WiFi camera to record to 7716 NVR? My NVR sees it, but I can't figure out how to set the NVR to record from the camera. BTW these are both english version Hikvision devices.
  14. GCoco

    NVR and HTTPS

    I have a Hikvision 7716 NVR and was wondering if I should enable HTTPS. Is there a danger of someone intercepting the login username and password when I am remote viewing?
  15. GCoco

    Hikvision 6223 PTZ Dark Fighter

    Anyone have any experience with one? Looking to get one for my wife to watch woodpecker house and birdfeeders. I know its expensive, but happy wife happy life.
  16. GCoco

    7716 NVR Recording Problem

    I had a 7716 for about 2 months with all HiKvision cameras. Installed (4) 4TB hard drives and 11 cameras set for continuous record. All was unicorns and rainbows. Two weeks I installed a 12th camera and set up exactly the same as others. I keep getting a recording exception for CH12 and...