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  1. LCBrevard

    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    I think they have the server issues ironed out now. BLUE IRIS 5 is now working for me. After getting repeated unable to activate messages and then server error in the web browser, I posted that to the support email. I got back a message that it should be fixed now. It was a little bumpy...
  2. LCBrevard

    Can you mix and match camera brands

    My Blueiris setup includes 25 cameras from Panasonic (from 2008), Foscam, Amcrest (now all deactivated), Ubiquiti, SV3C, and even a Nest Hello video doorbell. It's one of the great things about Blueiris to allow integration of all those different cameras. My latest inexpensive cameras are a...
  3. Camera Access Diagram

    Camera Access Diagram

    Approximately correct diagram showing access to my cameras including via Blueiris
  4. LCBrevard

    Recording Nest cameras with Blue Iris

    Thanks for the guidance on this. It worked the FIRST TIME! FWIW, I have 26 cameras in Blueiris now: Panasonic, Foscam, Amcrest, Ubiquiti, SV3C, and now... Nest Hello
  5. LCBrevard

    Austin area user and integrator of cameras

    They were a pain to initially set up and their own software support is certainly garbage. But, once I tried them with Blueiris I added several to my guest house exterior. The ones I got are amazingly well built and produce a very nice picture.
  6. LCBrevard

    Austin area user and integrator of cameras

    I have both G3 bullet and dome cameras. Somehow I missed the appearance of the Flex. Looks like a very interesting alternative. BUT... the SV3C cheapo cameras at $40 for a bullet sure work well with Blueiris. The big thing they are missing is audio.
  7. LCBrevard

    Austin area user and integrator of cameras

    I've been very impressed with the Nanostation NSM5 and, to a lesser extent, the NS locoM2 - especially once we moved the antenna mast at the "remote" house to a better location. In case you're wondering, the "remote" house is a 1740 sf "double-wide" 3-2 on a .83 acre lot that I bought in June...
  8. LCBrevard

    Austin area user and integrator of cameras

    I have a lot of IP cameras. Currently, there are 26 located at two houses with a wireless network connection between the houses. 2 Panasonic 8 Foscam 3 Amcrest 5 Ubiquiti 8 SV3C I started putting camera images on the web with web cameras attached to PCs back in the 90's - using Webcam32 to...