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  1. alastairstevenson

    Critical vulnerabilities found in 'millions of Aruba and Avaya switches'

    At least with a managed switch, the flaw can be fixed. As it has been.
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    Recommendations needed for hikvision dvr and indoor cam with importance of good audio capture

    This is kinduv an unusual requirement. I'm curious - what is the use case?
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    HIKVISION DS-2CD2386G2 / DS-2CD2387G2

    Check the specs, they are quite different. One is a ColorVu model. NVR 4.x is...
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    Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2/16P upgrade

    Your screenshot shows that this is actually a Chinese NVR, with very old firmware. The barcode label with the -NI suffix is a fake. The usual consequence of attempting a firmware upgrade with EN firmware on a CN NVR is a 15-beep bootloop. But a CN E-series NVR can be converted to EN and fully...
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    R0 / DS-2CD2x32 BrickfixV2 brick recovery and full upgrade tool - enhanced.

    Brilliant! Another good result, thanks for sharing.
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    Developing xm530ai board cams, you wanna help me?

    Did it prompt for a username? If so, try root or admin A (very) long shot as a password : "Password" : "tlJwpbo6"
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    TruVision NVR TVN 11 only records video for third party cameras ONVIF Profile S

    It's likely that the NVR will simply record what's being offered to it by the camera. Do the (unspecified) cameras have a video type selection dropdown or tickbox to include audio in their configuration screen such as exists in Hikvision cameras, example below : When a camera is connected to...
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    BI vs NVR

    Here is another live sample, now that darkness has come. There are no PTZs on that switch, all turrets. Note: Max power used by PSE: Class 0: 15.4W, Class 1: 4.0W, Class 2: 7.0W, Class 3: 15.4W Port State Priority Power Limit Power(W) Voltage(V)...
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    BI vs NVR

    Just in case this determines anyone's buying choices ... Sorry, but I disagree. Based on actual experience, and also device specs. Even Pro series models (ie more RAM and faster processors) with active strong IR or white LEDs use no more than 5 or 6w worst case. I believe your figures are out...
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    Amcrest NV4116E-A2 keeps losing Reolink Duo 2 stream

    It sounds like the (presumably fairly new) firmware on that camera is a bit bugged. Reolink doesn't have the best reputation for their firmware, as you'll have seen in multiple threads here. If you haven't already done so - it would be worth checking with the seller what the newest version of...
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    Bricked iDS-7204HQHI-K1/2S(C) no HD or LAN

    That does make sense - that's what others have also used when the bootloader 'update' command is missing.
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    Newer Hikvision offerings still using active/x controls?

    What firmware version are they currently running? Live View works OK plugin-free under Firefox in Linux, and Edge in Win10, on this version of firmware, and presumably the couple of later versions : A selection of firmware from here ...
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    Bricked iDS-7204HQHI-K1/2S(C) no HD or LAN

    So (now no longer using just the phone so I can now see your PuTTY logs) I'm curious what command (if any) you used to recover the DVR. In your transcript I see no update command. So was it the built-in 'probe for a tftp updater' that re-flashed the firmware? I'd have expected that to rely on...
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    Bricked iDS-7204HQHI-K1/2S(C) no HD or LAN

    Excellent! Well done. Re-flashing the firmware this way will reset the device to it's default configuration, so you'll need to set it up again. Unless you have a previously exported file you can import.
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    Bricked iDS-7204HQHI-K1/2S(C) no HD or LAN

    With the caveat that I've not seen that DVR before - Interrupt the bootloader with Control-U Then at the command prompt, use printenv and help to see the variables and available commands. You may have to use setenv ';printenv' and setenv ';help' to get round the silly attempt to hide the...
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    Hikvision RCE Vulnerability

    Provided you have the 'inform surveillance system' or similar enabled in the camera event linkage settings, you can use iVMS4200 to show you just the events on the continuous recording timeline. That's so much quicker than ploughing through a full timeline.
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    Boot Loop after Firmware DH_NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.002.0000000.5.R.220729

    Be a bit cautious - This may not be RS232, it's most likely serial TTL if the connector is on the motherboard. The RS232 interface is generally via a DB9 connector on the device back panel. An RS232 interface will not work on a serial TTL interface and may damage that type of interface as it...
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    DS-2CD2686G2-IZS - 8MP varifocal - Bad 'Ghosting' video artefact

    Just to clarify - Ignoring the high-end models such as the Ultra series that have transcoding facilities, video from attached cameras is simply recorded 'as-is'. The encoding is done in the camera itself using the in-built DSP (digital signal processor) and the resulting encoded video stream...
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    Hikvision mailserver problems

    In case it's a name resolution or connectivity problem - As an experiment try using a valid IP address for the mail server instead of its domain name. Enable SSH on one or more cameras, log in and use the ping command in the psh shell against both a domain name and its IP address, to confirm...
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    What's the model of the NVR, and what does SADP show for the firmware version? What firmware...

    What's the model of the NVR, and what does SADP show for the firmware version? What firmware versions are on the existing cameras?
  21. alastairstevenson

    HIK DS-7616NI bricked with new firmware 4.0

    We need a bit more detail in order to help - How are you connecting to the NVR? Is it via a DB9 connector on the back panel, or via a 4-pin connector on the main board? What type of interface are you using on the PC? Is it a serial TTL to USB convertor, or an RS232 serial interface? What port...
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    The password for admin in the configuration file is deedeeg2c

    The password for admin in the configuration file is deedeeg2c
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    Need help with RS232 pin-outs for DVR - HCVR5108H (OEM version, no Dahua logo) Mini 1U HDCVI

    Probably, unless that header isn't a serial console access point.
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    Attach the file so we can check it.

    Attach the file so we can check it.
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    Hikvision RCE Vulnerability

    OK - That would imply you've customised the HTTP port to 8080 from 80. If not - the check will fail. And it would also imply that the device coincidentally has the same IP address as @bashis used in an example. If not - the check will fail. Suggestion : Re-try with the actual values of your...
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    DS-2CD2386G2 - AcuSense - Bad image quality on latest firmware (V5.5.134)

    I don't know for sure, but it looks like not. Here are the languages listed in the STD version, includes NL ...
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    DS-2CD2386G2 - AcuSense - Bad image quality on latest firmware (V5.5.134)

    OK, so you need some specific G3 firmware. The 2 choices are for the range of languages supported. NEU = Northern Europe STD = Standard
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    DS-2CD2386G2 - AcuSense - Bad image quality on latest firmware (V5.5.134)

    That page refers to the (C) version of the camera - probably different internal hardware to yours. In your camera web GUI, under System Settings | Basic Information what does it show at the bottom for "Firmware Version Property" ? The should help locate firmware for the camera. Possibly this ...
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    Hikvision RCE Vulnerability

    If you are deliberately exposing your device to the entire internet by using port forwarding on your router, there's a good chance the device, and potentially the other devices and data on your LAN, are at risk of being compromised either now or in the furure. Check this out for some good...
  30. alastairstevenson

    Hikvision RCE Vulnerability

    Not much to go on here ... We could help more if you showed the command that you used and the error message that was returned.